Mother is left looking ‘like a blow-up doll’ after botched lip filler

A mother-of-two says physicians joked at her ‘fish lips’ when she went to the hospital following an adverse reaction to lip fillers.

Charis Evans, 22, had been getting filler injected into her lips for two years before deciding to try a new salon.

Charis, from Birkenhead, Merseyside, alleges that after paying £90 to have her filler filled up, her lips inflated to four times their regular size and seemed like they would explode.

She explained that when she went to get them done, they swelled quite quickly.

She went to her mother’s, and she remarked they were pretty big, but they did puff up at first anyhow. They had swelled significantly in a few hours.

She resembled a blow-up doll. She had fish lips and seemed to have been in a brawl.

Charis went to a walk-in healthcare centre at 2 a.m. after experiencing that the filler was ‘exploding’ out of her veins, and a doctor recommended her antihistamines.

She explained, they were around four times larger. They were enormous. When she stepped in, the doctor chuckled.

Everybody she showed was shocked. Fortunately, they were all wearing masks, so she could disguise it. She wore her mask even throughout her break, eating a taste of my meal and then reapplying her mask.

Her mother said her face was damaged. She was terrified that things would never return to normal, and she was panicked. It hurt and felt like her lips were about to split open.

Luckily, the swelling started to reduce after a week, but Charis is still enduring the ramifications months later.

She revealed that she prevents hot food since every time she consumes something spicy, her mother thinks she looks like she had them done again since they swell and she feels a burning feeling as if they’re expanding.

She explained that still has sharp pains in her lips.

Following the incident, Charis posted images of her lips on social media, which she believes made many of her pals laugh.

Others advised her not to get lip filler in the first place.

Charis has determined never to have filler pumped again after her trauma. She also refuses to have the surgery performed on her kids, Sophia, two, and Bobby, seven months.

Her body simply had a reaction. One never knows what one is putting in their face. She wishes she hadn’t had them done.

Some people thought it was humorous, while others said, ‘Oh my God, what have you done?’ Her grandmother said it was her mistake.

She encourages individuals to ponder about it carefully before having lip fillers. She got them since it was popular at the time and a lot of young ladies were getting them, but the agony and anguish weren’t worth it.

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