Mom Decided To Dress Her Twin Boys In Two Different Colors To Tell Them Apart, Cousin Goes “Ballistic” On Her.

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I have a set of identical twin boys 1.5years old. My husband and I are both forgetful and having a new baby is tiring, I was scared of getting them mixed up. So we decided the older baby, Atticus, would be blue, and the younger one, Ezra, would be green. We bought only green or blue onesies at first, figuring that once their personalities developed more I would integrate more colors. Most of both sides of the family know we do this and quite a few even use it to still tell the boys apart despite my husband and I being able to know which is which no problem (such as after bath when neither is dressed).

Since the boys are so young we let them pick their shirts but we have a dresser with the top painted blue for Atticus and one with the top green for Ezra. The boys know which dresser belongs to them, they each have an average amount of shirts, just they are either a majority blue or a majority green. They have different decorations on them, such as Hulk or Captain America, the green or blue character from their favorite show PJ masks, even their church clothes are blue or green button ups.

We had a Christmas party over the weekend. The boys showed up in a blue sweater with a snowman on it, other had a green sweater with a Christmas tree on it. Many people said they looked adorable. My husband’s cousin cornered me and told me that I was stifling the boys’ individuality since I am forcing them to dress how I want them to. When I told her I would probably diversify shirts when they turned 3, maybe starting at 2.5 she went ballistic, saying that it isn’t fair to them. I tried pointing out that no 1.5 year old knows what they are wearing, has a say in what gets bought, nor do they care. Am I Wrong for dressing them in their own color and nothing else?

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