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Mother Of Five Says She Brings Entire Family To Parties: ‘You Get All Of Us’

When it comes to being a parent of a big family with several kids, there’s a feeling of relief that comes from understanding that your kids will always have someone to turn to in times of need or someone to play with when they’re bored. Nevertheless, juggling so many personal commitments on top of all of your children’s specific schedules and activities may be difficult.

Jeena Wilder is a mother of five children. Rather than trying to keep her children’s lives apart, she supports them to spend time together, even if it means attending gatherings to which not all of the kids were invited. According to Wilder, if one child is invited to a birthday celebration, all five of the children will go.

Wilder posted a video on Instagram in late November 2021 expressing her reasoning and asking her followers whether they agreed. Since then, there has been considerable disagreement over whether this is a perspective that all parents should embrace. Although some felt the gesture was quite beautiful, others questioned whether it was always acceptable. Continue reading to learn more about this lovely family and their strong bond.

Wilder posted a video on Instagram on November 22, 2021, outlining her family’s dynamic and how she perceives party invitations for each of her kids. “If one of your children is invited to a birthday celebration, does it imply all of your children may go?” she said in the video’s description. “I’m teaming up with the whole family!”

Wilder, her husband, and their kids were seen dancing joyfully in the film, demonstrating their deep link and feeling of unity that they have maintained throughout their lives. The mother of five wrote across the screen. “POV when you invite one of my children to a birthday party. You invite one child you get all of us… Don’t worry we bring awesome gifts.”

Wilder stated that she realise that not everyone feels the same way, so she always make sure she spend a little bit more on the birthday present than the normal person would to make up for it. She further asked if one believes that just the kid that was invited should go, or the whole family?

Wilder revealed on TikTok that her husband works a lot, leaving her alone with their children much of the time. She changed the caption to “Are you team only the invited kid goes or team the whole family?”

The video has subsequently stirred a discussion. “Team entire family,” one individual said. I usually RSVP and ask if we are going, but when we hold parties, everyone is invited.” “It’s just that kid,” stated another user. I think that youngsters should have their own personality and friends.”

Do you agree or disagree with this mother’s decision to bring all of her kids to birthday celebrations to which her children have been invited? Please let us know, and please feel free to forward this to any other parents you know to find out what they think as well.

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