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Mother of Toddler Attacked by Coyote Intends to Sue Huntington Beach

The family of a 2-year-old coyote assault victim has announced plans to sue the city where the event occurred, while also releasing photographs of the girl’s horrific injuries.

In April, the kid was on a family trip in Huntington Beach, California, when the coyote approached and attacked, knocking her down and biting her face in a terrible attack caught on security camera.

Breanne Thacker, the girl’s mother, and lawyer Sam Soleimany have revealed plans to sue the city. They also shared a video of the girl riding a carousel before she was disfigured on her face.

Soleimany added that To be honest, she’s lucky to be alive at all. She has marks on her face, which is unpleasant. She and her mother are both devastated by this.

The girl’s family claims that municipal officials were aware that coyote reports and attacks on small pets were on the rise, but that the city failed to carry out measures to frighten the coyotes away.

Coyotes are becoming increasingly urbanized and frequent residential areas around the country.

In Los Angeles, a coyote tracked down a chihuahua in the backyard and chomped on him. The coyote attempted to flee with the family cat still in its jaws, but the homeowner was able to frighten it away with an air horn.

A 10-year-old girl from Toronto also had a frightening experience with a coyote. As she shouted for aid, her courageous Yorkshire terrier ran to her aid.

They seek dogs and young kids, and there’s no organized attempt to manage anything, Soleimany added.

According to local media, the city admitted receiving a claim but stated that it does not remark on ongoing legal concerns.

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