Mother Praised For Her Actions When Drunk Daughter Asks For Help

These days, raising a teenager is challenging. Monitoring their activities is quite difficult. Trust is the only way a child may share their feelings or what they are doing to their parents. Read this story to know what happened when a teen daughter was in trouble and let us know what are your views on this.

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My daughter called me almost blackout drunk, she asked for help and told me where she was. I didn’t waste a second getting to where she was, she was at an abandoned racetrack with her friends who were all obviously tipsy if not blackout. One of her friends, M, whom I know very well told me that they had just wanted to do some very light drinking as a celebration for all passing their final. Several of them took extra classes over the summer to get ahead in their college classes.

A friend whom they don’t know well personally, but is trusted by other mutual friends, also took the classes and offered to bring the alcohol then left very early. The girls didn’t feel the effects of the alcohol until it was too late and were very drunk, some blackout.

I’m proud that my daughter called me, I was able to work with M and got all the girls in my car and took them to my house where they’re all safe and sleeping, I contacted their parents letting them know they’re staying here tonight (it started storming so none of them opposed).

I grew up in a household where I wasn’t able to do anything and was scared to tell my parents anything, I often got myself into dangerous situations and ended up digging a deeper whole because I had no one to fall back one. One situation was especially dangerous and led to me unable to use or have any feeling in three of my fingers on my left hand and a permanent limp.

Once they wake up I’ll have a talk with them all and decide what to tell their parents, but I’m so happy my daughter’s first instinct was to call me, not worry about hiding this from me. I’m so proud of how she handled the situation and I know she’ll learn from this.

I’m currently crying on the couch because after I told my husband and we had a long talk, he told me that he once overheard our younger daughter’s friends agree that they all felt I’m one of the first people they all think of to call when something seems weird or dangerous happens.

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