Should I (27f) Keep Seeing A Man (30m) Who Avoids Seeing Me When I’m Menstruating.

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As the title says. He and overall has been great to be around. Caring, kind, patient, accepting, etc. I try to understand that we all have our vices, and boundaries are important. But I find it hard that he’s not budging on this. He avoids me like the plague when I’m on my period. He says he “has never liked them”, because he is traumatized by having seen a young girl with blood running down her thighs when he was a child.

If he can’t handle being around period blood, I can easily imagine being left alone in more serious situations (he’s had the same attitude about being in the room during the birth of his future children).

I’ve communicated my feelings throughout several conversations, and he seemed open to changing after I expressed my concerns.

This afternoon, he revoked an invite to go out swimming because I’m on my period (even after I mentioned tampons, he was completely against seeing me). I (again) expressed how this made me feel, and his response was “you know this”, (“this” being his attitude towards periods). I feel so rejected, and so angry.

I can’t justify continuing to see him, much less continuing to have sex with him, if that’s how he feels. Am I asking for too much? Wondering how others have dealt with similar partners / situations.

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