Mother Refuses To Fund Son’s Wedding If Her Wishes Aren’t Fulfilled.

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I 54f have 3 kids, the one pertaining to this post is 26m we’ll call him Caleb. Caleb has been with his fiance Ashley 26f for 4 years and they recently got engaged. I have offered to pay for their wedding, with two stipulations

  1. They use a wedding planner- I feel this is essential due to the size of the event and the amount of money going into it.
  2. I have 8 people I’m inviting (older relatives that I’m close with) . They both agreed to a wedding planner and said they will look for one that they feel comfortable with. The issue is Ashley does not want me to be able to invite anyone. Caleb knows the relatives well but it’s not super close with them and Ashley has only met them a few times. The wedding is going to be a very large and grand affair. She comes from a very large family and we have a very large family. We’re expecting 300 to 400 guests and I’ve given them a budget of $150,000 USD. Caleb says he doesn’t care but it makes Ashley uncomfortable since she doesn’t know them that well and it’s her day. Her family is saying that I am TA (even though they aren’t willing to continue financially) . I don’t care about any of the other details of their wedding. Whatever they choose is fine as long as I get the two things that I want. Am I Acting Entitled?

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