SAY WHAT? Teacher claims exposing kids to drag shows is like teaching them Shakespeare.

A California English high school teacher, whose classroom sexually explicit materials earlier prompted a district-wide inquiry, claimed there was no difference between teaching pupils Shakespeare plays and exposing them to drag.

The English instructor works at San Juan Hills High in the Capistrano School District, and she did not reply to a request for comment right away. The instructor is known as “Flint,” and her name is Danielle Serio, according to the school’s website.

Flint said on March 7th that the same folks who normally scream themselves purple about keeping queerness out of the classroom and the inherent dangers of drag are usually the first to advise Flint that she should stick to teaching Shakespeare in her own English class. So let’s double-check. One in every five of his almost 40 extant plays features drag as a significant story device, she said. It almost seems like these folks aren’t the finest guardians of education.”

Flint’s “queer classroom library” includes very sexually graphic literature on themes such as orgies, BDSM, and a kink social media networking site. She subsequently stated that the classroom books helped students build their identities.

People are enraged by her LGBT library. She has been compiling LGBT-specific titles for over eight years and has over 200 titles. Don’t get her wrong; her pupils really like that library. It has been quite beneficial to many pupils in determining who they are and how to interact with their classmates, added the public school instructor.

“Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans…,” a book formerly in the school library, described BDSM, fetishes, and a kink social media networking site.

“I find the BDSM/kink community to be extremely open-minded and welcoming in every way; it’s a place of sexual liberation, the book claimed. “There is often a blanket level of acceptance of transgender people within the kink/BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) scenes and sites such as FetLife.”

FetLife is a “kink community” social media networking platform.

It’s really interesting to bump into people who are upset that she is a transgender teacher, as they nearly all appear to think that she is going rogue during the school day and recruiting kids to be trans when really she is an English and film teacher, Flint said in response to the impression of why there was critical analysis over the classroom content.

Another book in Flint’s library, “This Book is Gay,” spoke about the 18+ hookup app “Grindr.”

All want to have sex with a lot of people, says the book. The prostate gland… When rubbed, it feels fantastic. Many guys, homosexual or straight, like how this feels.

“Let’s talk about dildos: I think a lot of people assume that where there is no penis, a desperate sexual void is created, out of which something [bleep] shaped must ultimately slot in order to satisfy,” the book continued. “I’ve only every slept with two women who enjoyed using dildos. I hate wearing a strap-on. I’ve only every done it once and NEVER AGAIN!”

It also featured details about sex parties and orgies.

Saunas, sometimes known as ‘bath houses,’ may be found all across the nation and are completely legal. Individuals pay to attend and then have a sauna and some random sex (many saunas have lesbian evenings). Remember, as long as one is safe, this is OK.

When a TikTok user inquired about why “gay library” books are not in general circulation at the school, Flint responded, the library has some of these titles, but getting them ‘into circulation’ is quite difficult.

At one point, Flint interviewed Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar, the high school principal, who expressed support for the library.

Books are always a wonderful thing in his educational experience, and any books that help the kids, he supports, Mahindrakar responded when Flint asked if he thought it was important to have an LGBT library on campus.

In another video, Flint questioned why parents had such a difficult time trusting instructors.

She has been wondering recently why it’s so difficult for so many individuals in the broader public to believe them regarding education—the thing they study and practice every day. She is wondering whether they have radical or outmoded opinions about what’s going on in the classroom since it’s been so long since they were in school, Flint added.

After the exposé on Flint’s materials, the district notified in December that it had initiated a district-wide evaluation of classroom library books.

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