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‘Jurassic Park’ star reveals he has ‘ferocious’ stage 3 blood cancer.

Sam Neill, star of “Jurassic Park,” has stated that he has “ferocious” stage 3 blood cancer.

Neill, 75, told that he was diagnosed with the disease in March 2022. The truth is, he is a crook. Possibly dying. Did he ever tell this?, he writes in the opening chapter of his new book. Neill resorted to writing to occupy himself and give him a purpose to get through the day.

Last year, while on a press tour for “Jurassic World Dominion,” the actor felt that the glands in his neck did not seem right. Neill said his reaction to his physicians’ diagnosis was stoic, but it led him to take stock of things.

He realized he needed to do something, so he asked himself, ‘Should he start writing?’ he told the site. He didn’t believe he had a book in him and simply wanted to create some short tales, and he became extremely engrossed in it.

Neill went on to say, not only did he write the book — he didn’t hire a ghostwriter — but it was published in record speed. He suspects his publishers; they’re lovely people, but he believes they wanted to get it out there quickly in case he died before the book was ready.

In his forthcoming book, the actor discusses his non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s disease diagnosis. Since he can’t bear cancer books, he made it clear that the book isn’t solely about his disease.

Instead, he opted to concentrate on his “interesting” and “fun” life.

Non-lymphoma, or Hodgkin’s according to the Mayo Clinic, is a form of cancer that starts in one’s lymphatic system, which is part of one’s body’s germ-fighting immune system. Improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s have helped improve patients’ prognoses.

Neill writes in his book that he lost his hair following the first round of chemotherapy and saw a bald, wizened old man there when he glanced in the mirror.

He wants his beard back more than anything. He is not happy with the way his face looks, he went on to say.

Neill has decided to remain optimistic despite his diagnosis.

The actor confessed in an interview that he is not terrified to die, but it would upset him.

He answered that it would not frighten him to die, but it would bother him. So, one knows, he’d enjoy another decade or two. They’ve created all these beautiful terraces and planted olive trees and cypresses, and he wants to be here to watch it all grow. And he has his adorable grandkids and wishes to watch them grow up.

He went on, but what about the dying? He couldn’t give a damn.

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