Toddler twins drown in murky outdoor pool at family’s mansion.

Twin infant twins drowned in a pool at their family’s estate when their Alzheimer’s-affected great-grandmother left a door open.

On Thursday, Locklyn and Loreli Callazzo were discovered at the bottom of the murky water feature of their parents’ $565,000 house in Oklahoma City.

Jenny Callazzo, 37, made the awful discovery and was spotted by Oklahoma City firemen as they provided CPR as they arrived on the scene.

Jenny, a stay-at-home mother who owns a bow store, lives on the property with her grandmother, six children, and marketing professional husband Sonny, 42.

According to a family member, Jenny’s grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, left the back door open, allowing the twins access to the pool.

Please pray for the twin siblings and their whole family, they wrote.

The kids were discovered in the pool of the Cobblestone neighborhood house about 10.45 a.m., and they were pronounced dead at 1 p.m.

Overhead video of the house revealed a pool filled with dark green water, which was reportedly caused by thick algae.

Authorities have initiated an inquiry into the fatalities, although they do not seem to be criminal in nature, according to police.

She had shared images of the twins outside the home with the message simply want to play outdoors only days before the fatal tragedy.

A GoFundMe page has been put up to assist the family with costs incurred as a result of the kids’ deaths, and it has so far collected $5,000 of a $7,500 target.

These precious infants were stolen from them much too soon, it said. Anything you can provide to cover costs would be much appreciated. They are grateful for everyone’s love and support.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department said that they do not know how long the kids were in the pool.

Neighbors recalled seeing Jenny, who was distressed, jump into the back of an EMS van as paramedics tried to rescue the kids.

First responders did CPR on the kids while they were being taken to Baptist Hospital, but they were pronounced dead when they got there.

There was a male and a female, said Greg Merrell, Battalion Chief OKCFD. They were siblings.

Locals also reported that the family had been living on the property for around a year before the unfortunate tragedy.

It’s absolutely scary, said Mike Bernard, a neighbor. His prayers are with that family, because little kids are priceless.

They pulled out two little kids and placed them in different ambulances. They were also doing CPR on both of the little toddlers. He noticed a devastated mom getting into an EMS van.

A child safety specialist said that the toddlers’ deaths were “heartwrenching” and asked parents to remember the precautions they may take to keep their family safe.

Injury Prevention Coordinator for Trauma at OU Health Laura Gamino told the family that she was sorry.

On behalf of Safe Kids Oklahoma City Metro and Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, they are very saddened to learn about this. It’s just sad. In a second, anything may happen.

Children are drawn to water, and toddlers lack the abilities to assist themselves in getting out.

Drowning happens quickly and quietly.

Often, people expect a youngster to struggle in the water and scream, but they can’t because their mouth is full of water. So it’s incredibly quiet, which is one of the frightening aspects of it.

She advised anybody with a pool to erect a four-foot-high fence around it with a gate that little kids would not be able to access.

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