Mother Refuses To Reimburse Daughter’s Nanny When She Bought This.

The story revolves around a miscommunication between a nanny and a parent about a book purchase for their daughter. The daughter, who is on the autism spectrum, is a big fan of Star Trek and has been collecting old Star Trek books from thrift stores. The nanny usually helps her in this endeavor but on this occasion, the nanny purchased a large number of books without confirming the price or seeking permission from the parent. This resulted in a disagreement between the parent and the nanny, leaving the daughter upset.

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My daughter, Ruby, is 12. Recently, she has gotten into the original Star Trek show, as well as the Next Generation. Ruby is also a big reader and has started to collect a few of the old Star Trek books that she finds in used bookstores and thrift stores. These books usually cost anywhere from 50 cents to a couple of dollars.

My nanny, Tessa (f22), hangs out with Ruby most days after she gets out of school. Tessa has been our nanny for over a year now and she and Ruby get along great. Tessa is big into thrifting and will often keep an eye out for the books Ruby wants. This is not typically a problem and Ruby always pays Tessa back for the books using her allowance.

The problem occurred when Tessa went on a family vacation out west. Apparently she went thrifting during this trip and found some books for Ruby. She texted Ruby asking her if she wanted the books and Ruby said yes.

Well Tessa returned yesterday with a stack of about 35 books and told Ruby they cost $50. Ruby doesn’t have this much money and tells Tessa. Tessa then asked me if I would cover the cost. I said no as Tessa had never asked me about buying Ruby the books, nor was I aware of the conversation between the two of them. Tessa got upset and I asked Ruby to show me the text which made no mention of price, or even the amount of books she was buying. Tessa only said that she found “some” books for Ruby. Ruby is on the autism spectrum and does not read between the lines. You have to be very literal with her.

Previously, Tessa has never bought Ruby more than one or two books at a time, so I told her that she should have clarified with Ruby regarding the amount, or double checked with me before purchasing, and that I would not be paying the $50. Tessa said she could not return the books because they came from the thrift store. I stood firm in my decision and reiterated that she should have asked me first.

Tessa left and Ruby is very upset. I know Tessa is a student and does not have a ton of money so am I the a**hole for not paying Tessa for the books?

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