Woman Shames Brother When He Announced About His Wife Being In Labor.

The story revolves around a recent wedding where the bride’s brother left early after receiving news of his wife being in labor, causing a disruption at the event. The bride later expresses her frustration to her brother about how his actions ruined her special day, but he lashes out, leading to a big argument. Their parents side with the brother and expect the bride to apologize.

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My wedding was days ago. My brother attended but his wife didn’t. She was nearing her due date to give birth and she didn’t come. The wedding was going well. Till my brother received a call from his MIL telling him that SIL was in labor. He told me he was leaving and my wife and I were fine with that but the issue began after he had told one of the guests that SIL was in labor. Word spread out and suddenly, everybody was talking about it which disrupted the event. Even my parents started calling and there was a huge fuss which frankly, was unnecessary if my brother just left in silence or made up some excuse.

I contacted him later and expressed my grief and frustration with what he did. I told him how the news of his wife being in labor disrupted the wedding and caused my wife to feel like her day was ruined. He lashed out asking how any of that was his fault. I explained how he should’ve just left or made up some excuse to leave but he said he didn’t mean any harm and that he was in a hurry and worried at the time. He said it wasn’t like he announced it and told me I disrespected him by arguing with him about it. We had a big argument and our parents sided with him and told me to ‘get over myself’ and are now expecting me to apologize.

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