Mother sobs in arms of police officer after two-year-old daughter dies in hot car

The mom of a New Jersey child discovered dead in the backseat of her family’s car on Tuesday sobbed in the arms of a police officer after learning her daughter had died.

On Tuesday around 2 p.m., the toddler was discovered unresponsive in the backseat of the family’s grey Honda Civic.

In Somerset, New Jersey, a neighbor noticed her in her car seat in the family’s driveway. He removed her from the truck and began CPR while waiting for EMTs and cops.

According to investigators, the little girl had been in the car for at least seven hours as temperatures reached 80 degrees. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel, the child could not be rescued.

Her distraught mom was heard sobbing in the driveway after learning that her daughter had died. It’s unknown how the infant was forgotten, or if the parents will now face prosecution.

Unfortunately, some of the errors result in disaster, and none of them expect it, said Elizabeth Crapo, whose 20-month-old daughter Marah died after being left in a car.

And suddenly, one is a member of this club that nobody wants to be a member of.

He botched his role as a guardian. Austin Crapo, Marah’s father, admitted he failed his child.

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