Woman spends $50,000 on plastic surgery in a bid to look like Marilyn Monroe

In six years, a lady has spent $49,000 on plastic surgery and swears she will ‘never stop.’

Serena Smith, 23, of Beverley Hills, California, spent $7,500 on a breast job, $11,000 on a nose operation, and $15,000 on fillers. She recently spent $15,000 on a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

She stated that she aspires to appear like Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield, two Golden Age Hollywood beauties.

Her first procedure was in December 2016, when she was 18, and she got a breast job that cost more than $7,500 to get from a 32A to a 32DD.

She subsequently underwent a $11,500 nose operation to get a dazzling ‘Hollywood nose,’ and she frequently receives treatments such as Botox and lip fillers.

Despite having spent almost $50,000, she is far from finished – and she is already planning another breast job.

She is definitely looking forward to her next operation, a modification of her breast augmentation to go larger, she added.

She intends to increase the size of the implants from 500 cc to 1,000 cc on each side. She needed to perform the BBL before the extra-large implants so that her proportions and figure were symmetrical.

She didn’t want to seem like an upside-down triangle; in her opinion, achieving a genuinely great look is all about proportion.

Serena claimed she was “struck like a truck” after her latest BBL surgery, yet she does not regret getting it.

This procedure’s recuperation is really intensive, certainly the roughest thus far, she remarked.

One must wear a compression garment for 23 hours a day for two months, which may be rather painful.

The first two weeks of rehabilitation were the most difficult. She was bruised and swelled all over and hurting all over.

She had drains in her for approximately two weeks collecting all the blood and fluids going out of her body, which wasn’t a pleasant sight.

It was difficult to find a comfortable posture since one’s entire body is in pain. For a few months, one can’t put any pressure on the buttocks.

She spent almost two months sleeping on her stomach and travelling around in the trunk of her friends’ car sitting flat on her stomach. For at least a month, she couldn’t sit at a restaurant without using a special BBL cushion.

She is quite satisfied with the outcome, she believes they turned out terrific, the surgery entirely modified her body proportions and gave her the curvier look she was expecting, Serena added.

She was really careful and did her best to follow all of the regulations her doctor provided her for recuperation, which is critical for a healthy outcome.

Once one is completely healed, one forgets about the healing process, although you feel horrible at the time.

When it’s all said and done, it’s all worth it for that increased confidence.

Anything that makes her a better, more confident person is worth it, and, as they say, pain is beauty.

She likes to have her surgeries done securely, which is why she goes to top doctors in North America.  More radical procedures may be performed in other nations, although they are risky.

With operations like the BBL, one has to be incredibly cautious about who you trust to operate on oneself as one is putting one’s life in their hands.

Serena also stated that she will “never stop” undergoing surgeries.

Once she does all she want to achieve and am pleased, she will be fulfilled and content, however once one start to age, it’s all about upkeep and maintaining that young appearance, she added.

At a certain age, one began doing facelifts and eye lifts to keep everything tig.

Having surgery empowers her. She adores that one can develop oneselves to be anyone one chooses.

Having a mental picture of how she envision herself coming to life is really rewarding.

She is pleased with the outcomes of all her operations, but do she see any enhancements or improvements that may be made?’ Definitely.

She desires to have more surgeries in the future as she wishes to keep improving herself.  It’s a financial investment in herself.

One is one’s finest and most important possession, and having that inner confidence that comes with feeling attractive will show through and affect one’s entire life.’

‘It’s not about looks for her; it’s about feeling comfortable in her own skin and doing what she needs to do to achieve that.

Serena is unfazed by any criticism she encounters on social media because she is completely at ease inside herself.

She gets a mixed reaction on social media; some individuals detest it, and some people adore it, she explained.

She thanks everyone who loves and supports her, who listens to her songs and follows her because of her appearance.

And to those who chose to condemn her and spread hate without understanding anything about her or the sort of individual she is, she feels sorry for individuals who decide to pull others down.

Her decisions do not harm anyone.

She wants her Instagram profile to be a secure place for her fans and followers to communicate with her.

One can never please all in life as not everybody prefers to be cheerful and optimistic.

All one can do is control how one responds to and perceives things.

Being a public person and putting one’s life out there for the world to see requires a thick skin and the ability to filter out hate.

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