Mother Threatened With Social Services Because Of Her Massive Eyebrows.

A woman has eyebrows so large that she gets mistreated in the street and strangers have threatened to call social services on her.

Sammie-Jo Hailford, a mother-of-four from Grimsby, has opened up how trolls on TikTok have told her that she is not suitable to be a parent because of her bold black eyebrows. She has been painting on her eyebrows with black liquid eyeliner for nearly a year.

The melodramatic make-up look has added her 76,500 followers and over 987,000 likes on TikTok with millions of combined views on her videos. Her videos show that this is how she goes out on a typical day to day basis.

Irrespective of criticism and trolls she gets on social media, she said that her eyebrows don’t determine whether she is a good mother or not. She revealed that regardless of such harsh comments about her make-up, she has also received plenty of men messaging her looking to get loved up.

She said that she is not a fan of today’s good looks standards and by doing her eyebrows in such a dramatic way, she feels like she is making a statement. She said that people are wrong when they say that she do not get boys because of her big eyebrows. She rather believe that the bigger the brow, the bigger the boy.

The self-proclaimed yummy mummy and unusual make-up artist clarified that she thinks people don’t like her eyebrows because of social conditioning and trusts that people should know they are lovely no matter what the public tells them to.

In the beginning, she began to draw a dark liner but at a regular size. But over time, they have gotten larger and she relished their progression of growth because she wanted to look and feel different to everyone else. She is also hoping they can become Britain’s biggest eyebrows someday.

This single mother is frequently asked to prove her make-up that it is not being done this way just for views on the social media platform. She said that some of the nastiest remarks she will receive from people are online rather than in-person.

Sammie-Jo also said that even though she gets such bad trolling on TikTok but she still looks to benefit other people who have the confidence to look however they want to and overlook people who tell them otherwise.

Many people on TikTok are confused by the sheer size of her eyebrows but there are also plenty who comment on her weight, teeth, hair and dress sense. She revealed that she has been going through therapy treatment after a difficult few years, mentioning trauma and abuse.

Her hopes are that her videos which radiate confidence in spite of the foul comments can show people how to be different and own it. 

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