Wife Insisted To Drive Fainted MIL To Hospital Rather Than Wasting Money On Ambulance.

Life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen the very next moment. In this story a MIL had a fall and the husband wasn’t in the state of mind to drive a car. But the wife had an opinion to which he didn’t agree. Read the story to find out what it is and let us know your views on this.

Source: Reddit

My MIL was at our house a couple of days ago to see some new furniture I bought. She fainted and fell off on her back. My husband freaked out and went straight to call an ambulance, I told him that he should drive her to the hospital himself since his car was working instead of paying X money for an ambulance.

He said no and insisted on an ambulance. I tried to convince him since the hospital wasn’t far but he blew up at me and said that his hands were shaking and couldn’t drive her there. He yelled at me to move out of the way and called an ambulance. I decided to step back but I was pretty mad. He went with her and got back in the evening.

He started going off on me about how I behaved while his mom was injured, I replied that there was no need to waste money on an ambulance ride especially since MIL was conscious and also since he had his car and could’ve driven her there himself. He lashed out saying that he was in no state to drive and that I was ridiculous to care about how much an ambulance ride cost instead of his mom’s health.

I told him it’s my house too and he should get my input on whether to call an ambulance or not. Besides that we have a policy to only call ambulance for the people who live in the house not visitors. He said I was mistaken for getting in his face and insisting there was no need for an ambulance.

He’s been sulking claiming I don’t care about his mom’s wellbeing and only care about money and refusing to let it go.

Am i wrong?

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