Mother Surprised Seeing Her Baby Bond With The Swimming Instructor.

There is no age bar to make a best friend.

During the pandemic Lukas was born which means he stayed indoor more and hadn’t met a lot of people. So, when Tracey Martorana took her 3 month old baby for swimming class she wasn’t sure how her child would react.

But to her surprise soon Lucas enjoyed his swimming class. He was very comfortable with the people of Saf-T-Swim in New York. However, there was a particular coach who he soon found a deep connection. His name was Carlson Rogers.

Tracy expressed that being a pandemic baby he knew very few people like his grandparents, close family and now there’s Carlson.

Lucas who is now 10 months is taking private lessons with his new friend. This adorable friendship works perfectly as a team. Carlson has no issues taking a step back and giving Lucas his space when the child cries or is in a fussy mood. Most of the time, they both are having lots of fun, splashing and definitely swimming.

Tracy found their relationship so precious that she decided to share online a couple of moments between them which went viral. In one video you can see Lucas while swimming felt asleep. He rested his head on Carlson’s shoulder who quickly snuggled him back.

The mother explained she loves watching their friendship where Carlson is a big strapping man and Lucas loves to cuddle him and hold onto him.

In another video, Carlson and baby Lucas recreated the famous scene from the movie The Lion King and to make the video more interesting Tracy added the famous song “Circle of Life”.

“The comment section is hysterical. Everyone loves Carlson,” she said. “I think it was just something important for people to see. Love knows no bounds.”

It’s an absolute delight to watch these two and hope to see more loveable moments from their friendship as Lucas grows older.

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