Victim’s Father Consoles The Driver Before Rushing His Daughter To The Hospital.

In Brazil a man was driving down a street when a 10 year old girl chasing a ball came in front of his car. He quickly banged on the brakes but couldn’t avoid the child getting hurt. The child Haghatta luckily was not injured badly but still was rushed to the hospital for a check up.

The driver, shaken, broke down in tears watching her taken in the ambulance. At that very moment an unexpected person, Haghatta’s dad walked to the driver and consoled him.

Haghatta’s dad took a moment to comfort the driver and then left hurriedly to be by his daughter. The dad’s beautiful gesture of consoling the worried driver into his arms, holding his face, looking into his eyes and assuring everything’s going to be just fine was truly heart melting. The dad’s kindness and forgiveness are so strong to witness.

Haghatta spent a week getting better from her injuries and has hopefully fully recovered. To express there is no enmity the dad invited the driver to their home. Here’s a video showing the wonderful moment when this dad overcomes his horrific moment to comfort a stranger.

Remember to sprinkle kindness where you go no matter what or how the situation would be. 

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