Mother Who Plans To Breastfeed Her Child Until She’s Six Hits Back At Trolls.

Breastfeeding your child is one of the precious gifts given to a child. There is no universal timeline for breastfeeding a child. The decision solely belongs to the mother who nurses the child.

Jacy Campbell, 20, a certified lactation counselor and birth doula from Texas shared in a TikTok that she intended to breastfeed her daughter Emmy, 1, until she is 6 years old. The video gained over 1.8 million views where she was supported and also trolled for her decision.

Trolls claimed it is a form of ‘sexual assault’, some comments were as ‘a sick mother’, ‘nasty’ and also saying ‘this is illegal’. One person also expressed it as morally wrong.

Jacy again released another video to slam her trollers for comparing breastfeeding with sexual assault. She explained there is nothing sexual about nourishing a child. It is normal.

In her words, “Extended breast feeding is not sexual assault, there’s nothing sexual, about a child eating. Just because you sexualise breasts doesn’t mean a child does. A child is eating, they use you for nourishment. You don’t even have kids, stop.”

She also expressed how breastfeeding offers many health benefits to mothers and their babies. However she didn’t feel the need to clarify it based on the harsh comments.

Meanwhile, some viewers didn’t support her breastfeeding her child till 6 years while others applauded Jacy by saying she is doing great as a mom and some shared their own successful breastfeeding stories.

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