Pregnant Woman, 21, Is Strangled To Death By Her Own Hair At Job Interview.

Life is unpredictable. You never know what happens next in one’s life. It’s unbearable to accept a tragedy of your loved one.

Umida Nazarova, 21, was 7 weeks pregnant and had applied for a new job at the Svarmet factory in Borisov, Belarus which produced welding wires and electrodes.

The senior staff members gave her a tour of the factory. During this tour her loose hair suddenly got in a machine and wrapped around her neck and she was trapped and covered in blood.

Olga her mother explained that according to the doctor’s her throat was injured. Her hair got wrapped around her neck and was pulled into the machine. After the accident where Umida suffered serious injuries she never regained consciousness.

Dmitry, her father, expressed that the factory had not followed the safety rules. He questioned why the staff didn’t give something to cover her head since she had long hair.

The Belarus Investigative Committee said, “An employee who was showing her how the equipment operates, paused to make a record in a register. When she turned her head she saw the woman already lying on the floor unconscious, her hair was tangled in the machine.”

The young woman’s funeral was paid by the plant. Olga expressed how her daughter was looking forward to becoming a mom. They were waiting to celebrate her daughter’s wedding and bring their grandchild happily from the hospital, not their daughter’s dead body. This is not what the parents ever wanted it to be.

A court has sentenced an unnamed plant head of production for failing to fulfil her official responsibilities on account of negligent and dishonest attitude that caused the death of an individual.

This tragedy could have been easily avoided if safety protocols were followed. Such a terrible loss of two lives. Truly heartbreaking! May God bless the family with strength to bear this loss. 

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