Mother with ‘Britain’s biggest eyebrows’ slams ‘brainwashed’ critics

A woman who claimed trolls phoned social services because of her massive brows has slammed critics as ‘false and deluded.’

Sammie-Jo Hailford, who became famous for having “Britain’s largest brows,” stated in a TikTok video that she “disagrees” with the beauty business and what it teaches individuals.

She is here educating individuals and assisting them build their confidence to be oneself, not take judgement off anyone else, love their natural beauty, embrace the way they want to present themselves, the 27-year-old from Grimsby said to her fans.

She went on to say that individuals shouldn’t criticize others based on their appearance before mocking those who make fun of her massive brows.

Ones a phony, and has been indoctrinated into socially conditioned behavior and aesthetic standards that aren’t genuine and shouldn’t exist, she continued.

Because of the expectations placed on individuals to appear a specific way, the beauty business attempts to ‘steal one’s money’ and make individuals ‘mentally unwell, according to Sammie-Jo.

Since becoming famous for her massive brows, Sammie-Jo has started a movement called BROWS, which stands for Beauty Redefined or We Suffer.

She announced her campaign with the intention of assisting individuals in improving their mental health by rejecting established beauty standards.

When Sammie-Jo initially made news for her unconventional style, she stated that she used liquid eyeliner to draw on her brows.

Sammie-Jo claimed she likes to ‘make a statement,’ and that her brows made her stand out from the crowd.

Despite getting several negative remarks about her looks, the mom stated that she had gotten messages from a number of males who felt she was “beautiful” and asked to take her out.

They usually mention the brows first, so there may be a fetish there, she speculated.

Sammie-Jo claims that, in addition to generating interest online, her brows draw notice in public, with individuals approaching her in the street to inquire about them.

After years of advertising her odd appearance, the mom stated that trolls no longer worry her and that she would continue to share her message with the world.

Trolling doesn’t bother her anymore, she claimed. She is  attempting to raise awareness about the reality that individuals might vary.

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