A teen utilizes a trampoline to allow people to leap out a window and evacuate a building fire.

After their apartment complex in a Pittsburgh suburb caught fire early Tuesday morning, a quick-thinking youngster used a trampoline to help his neighbors escape.

Falon O’Regan, 17, stated that he dragged a trampoline from his apartment building’s yard in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, roughly 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, so that individuals stuck inside might leap to safety.

He and Robert, his downstairs neighbor, had to relocate the trampoline from the side of the home to the three bedrooms on the final portion of the house since they would’ve gotten wounded otherwise, O’Regan explained.

O’Regan noted that several of his neighbors sent their dogs down to the trampoline first, and that it took approximately 10 minutes of persuasion for them to come out on their own.

Three individuals were brought to the hospital for smoke inhalation, and another individual injured their leg while jumping to safety.

The fire broke out shortly before 1 a.m. on Tuesday, and fire authorities are investigating the source of the flames and the extent of the damage. According to the fire chief, the apartment building’s roof  partially crumbled.

The Red Cross is assisting the 12 people and six kids who were displaced by the fire, according to fire authorities.

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