My man gets 100 erections a day and I get no rest at all

Things are always difficult in their relationship. A British lady claims she is finding it difficult to live a regular life since her lover has 100 erections every day.

Vikki Brown, 31, revealed the recurrent issue in an interview on Wednesday, stating that her partner Lucas Martins, 39, becomes aroused every time he looks at her.

From the start to the present, wherever they are, he may have an erection, Brown claimed of her two-year partner. All they have to do is sit there watching a movie, go down the street, or go to friends for coffee, and he’s got an erection.

There is no respite from it.

Martins stated that he had never had persistent erections in past relationships and questioned if there was an underlying medical problem. A doctor, on the other hand, attributed Martin’s constant stiffness to his unquenchable yearning for his ladylove.

It just seems natural. He’s got a great woman next to him, Martins said. She’s a deity. He became hungry just by looking at her and speaking to her.

Brown and Martins initially met during a lockdown at a store. It was love — and a boner — at first sight for Martins. Brown, on the other hand, was not so confident.

They really met in Morrisons, his favorite supermarket, Brown recounted. He was in his uniform with damp hair and a mask on when he went around the corner with a large piece of fillet steak in his basket and remarked, ‘Wow, isn’t she beautiful?’

Brown added that they started talking, and at first she turned down three coffee dates because she was so pleased being on her own.

She ultimately agreed to meet Martins for coffee, and the two began dating soon after. They’ve been dating for two years and the erections haven’t budged.

Throughout the relationship, he’s always had an erection – at shops, restaurants, and the gym, Brown explained. She was simply wondering whether any other couples are like them. It’s uncomfortable at times, but he simply laughs about it.

Martins’ incessant craving for sex, according to his dedicated girlfriend, consumes her time, and she tries to keep up with housework and meetings while providing his filthy desires.

He may go to sleep with an erection and wake up with one, and there’s no difference at all, even though he works night shifts, Brown explained the sexual conundrum.

She concluded that it’s everywhere they go. They may be having a totally regular everyday chat, such as, ‘shall they go and climb this mountain next weekend,’ and he gets an erection. It still occurs as she comes down the stairs, walks by the glass door, and enters the next room.

Martins believes his erections will never go away, adding, months and years pass, and they get hungrier for one another.

If that pheromone and testosterone simply connect perfectly, he can easily come to bed and look at Vikki and get an erection, he remarked. He goes to bed with one and wakes up with one.

It’s distinct and unusual, but it’s due to the woman he is with. She is a goddess in his eyes. She’s virtually a forbidden fruit, and as such, he just wants to devour it, the lustful admirer cooed further. How she makes him feel. He’ve never felt anything like how she makes him feel, their bodies are so interconnected and it’s so effortless.

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