Mother Writes On Facebook How This Sport Star Treated Her Son.

Source: Facebook

I really hope that Patrick Kane gets to see this post….My boy was standing on the front steps of the hotel you were staying at in Edmonton today, anxiously awaiting a glimpse of you. When the bus pulled up, he said he could feel his heart beating. You could have ignored my 8 year old who waiting to see you with stars in his eyes, but you didn’t.

You motioned for him to come to you, where you took the time to ask his name, his age, who his FAVORITE player is (you of course :), you signed his hat AND his stick and you gave my boy a most special and amazing memory that he will never, ever forget.

He said that meeting you is basically his best Christmas gift and that nothing could ever beat this day. I wanted to let you know, from the bottom of this Mama bears heart, thank you for taking the time to share yourself with my little boy today. 🏒❤️

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