She Never Thought Her Best Friend Would Plan This With Her Boyfriend.

Source: How They Asked

“Two days before the proposal, my best friend Paige, who lives in Atlanta, told me she was flying in that weekend for work. I didn’t think anything of it. Joe had told me he had to work that Saturday night, so I of course, wanted to get dinner and drinks with my best friend in downtown West Palm Beach. We got all dressed up and left for dinner and things were getting pretty weird during the drive there. Everything she was saying wasn’t adding up. It turns out she was just stalling so Joe could get to the proposal site.

We get down there and she asks if we can take a picture down by the water. So I go and I was kind of annoyed because it was Florida in May and VERY hot outside! We walked to the end of the dock to take the picture, and I turn around and Paige doesn’t join me. Then, I hear someone walking up behind me and I turn around and it was Joe! He had a dozen pink roses in his hand and I immediately started crying. I knew what was happening. I honestly can’t even tell you what Joe said during the proposal because I was so overcome with emotions and tears.

But after a few minutes he got down on one knee and proposed with the most GORGEOUS ring. I of course said yes while balling my eyes out. It was absolutely perfect in every way. I then turned around and saw my family walking up behind me snapping pictures and I had no clue they were there! I was so happy they could witness the best moment of my life. And turns out Paige wasn’t there for a work meeting, Joe had her fly in for the proposal. Best friend EVER and best fiancé ever!!!”

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