Mum Accused Of Killing Daughter After Dangling Her Off Balcony As Punishment.

Nurturing a child with love and care is very important at the same time correcting them for their wrong doings is also important. However while punishing them or correcting them we as parents should know how to do it by not crossing the limits. Here is a heartbreaking story of a child losing her life due to parent’s negligence.

According to law enforcement, a woman was arrested in Russia for suspected murder after dangling her three-year-old daughter over a balcony as a punishment for sobbing – and then dropping her.

The toddler was seen on camera crying with her mother, ‘Mama, I’m scared,’ then ‘I’m scared, scared, scared…..I’m scared,’ before falling 60 feet to her death. The horrifying clip captures the final moments of her descent before she lands.

The mother, Anna Ruzankina, 23, is then shown in CCTV lift footage retrieving the deceased girl and cradling her in the elevator as she returned her body to the family’s sixth-floor residence in Saratov. As if trying to resuscitate the lifeless kid, she shakes her.

According to reports, the mother was dragging the crying youngster over the balcony edge with her T-shirt. The child’s clothing tore, and she fell. According to sources, the incident occurred after Ruzankina had been out drinking at a nightclub.

A male bystander, who may be seen on film, claimed to have heard a child’s loud screams from an upper floor. And then he heard a dull sound of falling. The screaming came to a halt. When he returned back he saw a small girl lying on the road covered in blood. He was completely taken aback but quickly dialed 911.

According to neighbours, the mother stated that the toddler climbed over the balcony herself. She was overheard stating, ‘I told her she was going to fall.’

Ruzankina, on the other hand, was arrested on accusations of murdering a kid who was helpless. If convicted, she may face a sentence of up to 21 years in prison. According to the Russian Investigative Committee, Ruzankina ‘dropped her small daughter, born in 2018, off the balcony.’ ‘At this time, the suspect is being held.’

A sad and painful ending to the mother and her child. Please be careful when a child is around you, always keep an eye on what he/she is doing. It’s a lesson for all parents to always be responsible and think before throwing your anger on them.

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