Photographer Captures The ‘Unconditional’ Love Between Down Syndrome Couple.

When a paparazzo in Ohio was asked to do the annual calendar for the Down syndrome Association, little did she know the bearing it would have on her when she captures the absolute love between Down syndrome duos.

Erika Brooke, a 28 years Ohio-based wedding, elopement and portrait photographer shared on her Instagram that she has never seen a bond so pure.

When Erika was asked to do the annual calendar for the Down Syndrome Association, she did not realize the impact it would have on her. In her most adorable photo shoot ever, she captured two youngsters and the love between these two have for each other blew her away.

This is all about a sweet young couple, Joey and Ellie, a Down syndrome duos and their unconditional love. While sharing her affection, Erika feels that little Joey is walking proof that faithfulness is not dead yet. Joey was chosen to be Mr. December for the annual calendar for the Down Syndrome Association.

When Erika observed them act together, she realized that Joey and Ellie by now have it all figured out. It was evident when Ellie was terrible to stroll near the water, Joey made it sure that she was okay and extended his hand to lead her. While on the other hand, when Joey was uncertain to smile, Ellie delighted him and pursued him to cheer up.

Though it was a short photo shoot but it did encouraged Erika to be a better person and to choose to see the good and to love a little more selflessly. She felt that the world would be far better place if we all see the world as purely as Joey and Ellie do.

Joey and Ellie are making their families learn through their unconditional love that they need to be nice and humble to those who are specially-abled. Joey has three elder sisters while Ellie has two. Their sisters are already enlightening their friends and colleagues about Down syndrome and how Joey and Ellie are just similar to them.

Joey’s mom Holly said in an article that Joey and Ellie were born in the same town just six months apart. Not only Joey and Ellie, their families too, have a bond and that was there since they met first which is still very much there. They treat each other family and were together throughout their struggles and accomplishments.

It is as if they know something and other just do not. Joey began calling Ellie his sweetheart and keeps telling his family that he is going to tie the knot with her.

They have no fear to show their emotions for each other. When they see each other outside of school, they instantly hold hands, embrace and just look into each other’s eyes. Joey acted as a true aristocrat when Ellie visits his home. He makes sure that his family have welcomed her with a hug and she gets a good look after.

Erika has really seized the purest love while photographing them and realized that she will never going to forget this lovely experience. Joey and Ellie are an inspiration to all of us. 

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