Mum is branded a ‘monster’ for lasering child’s port-wine stain birthmark

An Australian mother insists she removed her baby’s birthmark with a laser because she wanted to heal her baby despite receiving hateful trolls’ calls calling her a “monster” for doing so.

Six months ago, Gold Coast resident and stay-at-home mother Brooke Atkins, 33, gave birth to Kingsley, her second child.

However, not long after his birth, Brooke and her boyfriend Kewene Wallace, 27, discovered a large “port wine” mark spanning half of his face.

Although port-wine stains are mostly benign, if they appear on the face, especially over the eye, they may be a sign of glaucoma or the Sturge Weber syndrome.

In addition to glaucoma, which can result in blindness, this can induce seizures and other impairments.

Kingsley was identified as having both.

As Amarni, 2,’s mother, Brooke said, the issue about port wine stains is that they are progressive, meaning they will develop and deepen with time.

They could take on the appearance of “cobblestones,” with ridges, elevated lumps, and the potential for severely bleeding vascular blebs.

Once a port wine stain reaches this level, it is frequently exceedingly challenging to remove, and laser scarcely has any effect because the skin is already significantly injured.

She then made the decision to treat Kingsley’s mark with a laser.

Laser treatments are the only method to remove a port wine stain, and the Pulsed Dye Laser is the best laser for the job.

When he was a newborn, they were recommended to the dermatology and vascular department at Queensland Children’s Hospital, where they organized the first treatment and went into further detail about the value of the laser.

The laser treatments are not intended to “eradicate” the birthmark, but rather to maintain healthy skin and stave off additional harm to the affected area.

Kingsley is now receiving therapy, and the family is continually in awe of him.

However, Brooke claims that once she published a post about it, trolls on TikTok labeled her a “monster” and criticized the decision to fix the mark.

Don’t believe I could laser my baby, one person stated.

That birthmark is scarcely noticeable, what you’re doing to him is dreadful, and it’s more for you than for him, said one person.

Another person said, “Brainwashed mother makes her baby insecure the second he gets out of the womb.”

Others said, “Why is everyone supporting this.”

Others, though, were ready to stand behind her.

You’re the mom, therefore you know what’s best for him, someone once stated.

He would have seemed as attractive with or without the birthmark, another person said.


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Truly, when she first started reading the bad comments, she sat there for a good half an hour and sobbed to herself, Brooke stated in reference to the response she has gotten online.

Even though she felt she was making the correct choice, the harsh remarks continued to repeat in her brain because of a ton of mother guilt.

Fortunately, there were 100 nice comments for every one bad one, which was really helpful.

She simply wishes these individuals had understood about the health risks associated with these sorts of birthmarks before writing these things, that this wasn’t for cosmetic reasons, and that this was the toughest choice they have ever had to make as parents.

The last thing they need is judgment from individuals who don’t comprehend the difficulties her kid is dealing with. The previous six months have been tremendously difficult for them, and reading these remarks genuinely hurts.

She continued, despite the fact that she worries a lot about her son’s future and what it will be like, he keeps achieving all of his milestones.

This is only the beginning of their family’s adventure; the road ahead is long, but they will persevere.

Despite having over 20 hospital visits, two different hospitals, over 10 specialists and doctors, five different medical departments, three MRIs, one ultrasound, two hearing tests, two operations, two laser treatments, and three diagnoses in just six months, he is still the happiest, full of love, and cutest boy one will ever encounter.

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