Georgia Dad Saves 2-Year-Old Son from Drowning, Loses Him Forever Just 5 Days Later

Josh Ingram, a firefighter, and his family had just returned from a weekend spent at their Oklahoma lakehouse. The family’s brief holiday came to an end on the morning of Sunday, July 17, and it was time for them to pack up and return to Bremen, Georgia.

Briggs, Josh’s two-year-old son, had traveled with him. While his parents packed and loaded the car with their belongings, he walked around near the area.

But what started out as a wonderful Sunday morning became a terrifying day. Josh noticed his son’s clothing floating in the water until he discovered he was no longer around.

As quickly as he could, the fireman dived in and plucked his son from the water. The Georgia family was unsure of Briggs’ length of time in the water. Nevertheless, his father began doing CPR on him right away despite being professionally qualified to do so.

A close buddy and fellow firefighter named Daniel Norton claims that Josh gave his kid CPR for thirty minutes prior to the arrival of the paramedics. According to Norton, Briggs’ respiration first began off sluggish but soon stabilized.

Doctors put Briggs on sedatives to keep him at ease and asleep as his brain activity gradually increased. The neighborhood rallied around the family, hoping for Briggs’ recovery. At the age of barely two, Briggs had the whole fire department and individuals from all over the world praying for him to prevail.

The weekend at the family’s lake property, which was meant to be restful, will now serve as a reminder of suffering and upheaval.

The brain may enlarge as a result of the shock and stress from Briggs’ accident, but the severity depends on how much. As a result, the Ingram family sought the assistance of a professional who deals with drowning victims at this trying time.

The parents of Briggs also anticipated that the doctor would be willing to provide them with encouraging information on their son’s recovery. Meshea Hurston Ingram, Briggs’ mom, even posted a photo of their kid on social media with the message, she is realistic and anticipate miracles.

I am realistic, I expect miracles! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 -Bro. Jeremy Knopp

Posted by Meshea Hurston Ingram on Friday, 22 July 2022


Baby Briggs was expected to make a full recovery for five days before the fire service reported that the two-year-old had lost his fight. The declaration said that they are devastated by the death of their kid on Friday, said Captain Josh Ingram, a fellow fireman and family member.

Briggs passed away on Friday, July 22, and now the family’s planned weekend at the lake house will serve as a poignant reminder of their loss and anguish.

The Ingram family has requested privacy while they grieve lost their son since they are crushed by this loss. Nevertheless, they also value the assistance Bremen, Georgia, residents have provided for them.

A GoFundMe campaign put up by the Bremen fire department for the Ingram family has unexpectedly raised $20,000 to aid with medical costs and the funeral of their baby.

Meshea, Briggs’s mom, posted another tearful tribute to her child on Facebook. Despite the difficulties she has had with her family, the mom of two has not wavered in her faith. She penned that t hough her words are failing her, God has not. Although the suffering is tremendous, God is their strength and sanctuary.

Words are failing me, but God hasn't. His ways are so much higher than mine. I see the thousands of souls touched…

Posted by Meshea Hurston Ingram on Saturday, 23 July 2022

Josh and Meshea have always valued the outpouring of support that has resulted from this disaster. The Ingram family shared their traumatic journey with their social media followers, but their recovery path continues.

Josh reshared his wife’s post and added a few lines that were really painful and brimming with emotion. “I  cannot find the words to say other than I Love You, Buddy,” the firefighter who had done all in his power to save his kid, wrote in his journal.


The Ingram family used their own experience with other parents to learn CPR since they understood how important it was. Josh’s two-year-old son had a possibility because of the information he had.

God has shown us so much love through our community, words aren't even adequate to express our gratitude. From Firemen…

Posted by Meshea Hurston Ingram on Tuesday, 26 July 2022

The Ingram family is a good example of the value of CPR; even though their title son did not survive, CPR was what gave him an opportunity to survive considering how much water his body had accumulated.

Norton also pointed out that CPR works best when done right away, therefore they strongly advise everyone to spread the word to your loved ones so they are prepared to respond appropriately if anything of the like happens.

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