Three sisters aged nine, eight and five found dead in neighbor’s pond

In the neighbor’s pond, three sisters, ages 9, 8, and 5, were discovered dead.

After going missing from their Texas home while being watched after by a family friend, three little girls were later discovered dead.

Te’Mari Robinson Oliver, 5, Zi’Ariel Robinson Oliver, 9, A’Miyah Hughes, 8, and their small-town home were reported missing on Friday night.

Early on Saturday morning, a diving crew recovered their remains from a personal pond on an adjacent property. Their reason of death hasn’t been made public yet.

The death of my lovely babies, their mother said on Facebook, is “so unbelievable.”

The heartbroken mother admitted that even though it was a difficult moment, she “had to remain strong for the sake of her three other babies.”

Around 10 p.m. on Friday, Zi’Ariel, A’Miyah, and Temari vanished from their house in Atlanta, which is located about 200 miles east of Fort Worth. This prompted a multi-agency hunt for the kids.

The children and their other siblings had been being watched by a family friend while their mom, Shommaonique Oliver, 28, was at work. The nanny reported their absence by dialing 911.

Around 2 am on Saturday, authorities learned that the girls had been discovered in a pond close to Highway 77.

After discovering a pair of shoes and other pieces of clothes strewn around and in the water, police concentrated their hunt around the pond.

Texas Game Warden Shawn Hervey stated on Saturday that they found elements of clothes in and around a pond.

So, they focused the search on that tiny body of water, and using divers, they were able to rescue three victims at about 2am, the statement said.

A bicycle seemed to be discarded on the property, perhaps near to the pond, in video taken at the scene. It is unknown if the girls rode the bike to the property or if it belonged to them.

Sheriff of Cass County Larry Rowe told the Texarkana Gazette that they have no clue what the females were doing there.

The corpses of the deceased have been submitted for autopsy since officials have not come to any findings regarding how they died.

Nobody has been charged with anything, according to Rowe.

This is not a common event, but it does happen, Harvey said.

According to Shommaonique, who spoke that she is still grieving the death of her daughters and is not available for interviews.

She said on social media that the occurrence was “unforeseen” and a “huge pain and shock” to their entire family, adding, at this moment she is simply attempting to bury her babies.

She stated that throughout the entire process, her family has been supporting her and assisting her get through this difficult time with her and the death of her precious little Girl’s (sic) it’s so unbelievable.

But she is aware that she must maintain her composure for the benefit of her other 3 children, who need her more than ever.

The distraught mom set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral fees and other associated charges.

Her family and she were really upset and shocked by this, which was completely unexpected.  She said they are now seeking assistance to lay her beloved angles to rest. Anything one can provide will be sincerely valued.

The distraught mother pleaded with God in another post, “Lord, please and she means please, she desires her kids back. This hurts and words can’t describe the sorrow she is going through. She just wants her baby daughters back in her arms.

Rest comfortably, her lovely baby girls, and say hello to Grandma for her; she misses and loves them all, she continued.

Shommaonique has received a flood of encouragement from friends and relatives during this extraordinarily trying time.

Stephanie Spriggs-Luckey penned that no words will make her feel better. She is really sorry for the death of her priceless children and asking God to comfort her and provide her peace in a way that only he can.

Pictures of the kids were posted on Facebook by her cousin, China Davis, who wrote: “These babies are on my mind though they are family as well as friends.”

My heart screams out for you, darling girl, and I love you cousin!

Shommaonique’s Facebook page is inundated with condolences, prayers, and notes from family members expressing their total astonishment at the deaths.

Dapatrick Jones concurred, saying, “Praying for you and that God gives you strength.”

It doesn’t seem genuine at all, declared LaKeithia Malone. “Yes, keep fighting for [your other children]. We are on your side, though. (sic)’

J. Ray Web-Hill urged everybody to contribute to the fundraiser website and posted pictures of the sisters while saying the family “would really appreciate any support you can provide.”

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