Mum reveals why you should never go on holiday for two weeks – and people agree

A vacation allows you to rejuvenate and revitalise your body and mind. We all love going to holidays with people that we enjoy and love being with. In this post, a mom has explained why you should never take a two-week vacation and the majority of people agree. When the mom expressed her opinion, she anticipated igniting disagreement, but instead discovered that many individuals agreed with her. Read the story and share your views on this.

Source: Mumsnet

Every single time we go on a European sun / beach / villa / complex type holiday, we book it for 14 days and every single time I get to about day 10 and am fed up and want to be at home.

I’ve nothing to complain about except the bed is a bit uncomfortable and I should enjoy my last 3 days of sun and relaxing – but all I can think about is that if I’d bloody remembered and booked 10 days, we’d be flying home tomorrow and I could have had a few days at home in my own bed before going back to work….

I never feel like this on far flung holidays with a packed itinerary etc and holidays are always a few years between so I obviously forget and get all giddy with the booking….

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