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Mum who named baby after snack says she doesn’t care if she’s going to get hate for it.

Individuals are split on a mother’s choice to call her daughter after she ate a snack.

If I named my kid after a snack, they’d definitely run away from me – Frazzle, Pringle, Kettle, or Monster Munch aren’t exactly the kinds of names you’d be itching to reply to when the school morning register is called.

But one mother believed that naming her baby after a snack would be ideal. What exactly does the TikToker nibble on?

Mum-of-two Last month, Chantel Schnider went to the platform to share to her fans what she had chosen to name one of her kids.

The mother can be seen in the video sipping juice from a jar of pickles.

“I’m going to get hate for her name, but we’ll call her Pickle,” the caption says.

Now, I can’t dispute that Pickle is a lovely name that I like; after all, I named my dog Pickle. But what about a child? To say the least, not all of Schnider’s supporters were persuaded.

Some people supported the mother’s naming decision.


Meet pickle


Many others, nonetheless, were not enthusiastic and voiced worry about the youngster being teased later in life.

While many people use “pickle” as a pleasant word of love, it is really the name for a little pickled cucumber.

Or, as the Urban Dictionary puts it, ‘the body of a violently drowned cucumber’.

However, it may also be used to indicate getting into a difficult position.

None of these are really good definitions to be connected with unless, of course, you like pickles.

Schnider answered some of the anger she’s received over her daughter’s name in a subsequent video.

She repeats one of the comments she’s gotten in the video, which says, “You can’t name your child Pickle.”

She responds, singing along to a tune, “Why not?”

“I think her name fits her just perfectly, don’t you, besties?” the post concludes.

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