Son Throws 90-Yr-Old Dad Out of Their Home after Mom’s Death, Claims It’s Solely His Inheritance.

Nicolás Chumbimuni lived in Ate, Peru, in tranquility until his wife died. While grieving the irreparable loss, the elder man noticed a shift in his son’s attitude towards him and his daughter.

The 90-year-old intended to spend his last years in peace, but his son did the unimaginable, turning his life into a nightmare. While other older adults his age had nothing to be concerned about, Nicolás became a victim of his son’s nefarious ambitions. The father had no clue his kid would turn out to be so callous.

When Nicolás’ wife became sick, he permitted his son, José Carlos Chumbimuni, to live with them in his two-story home, with Jose staying on the first floor. But his father was unaware of his genuine objectives.

The guy said he was staying at his father’s residence to care for his parents. He kept his actual motivation hidden until his mother died. Only then did Nicolás see why his kid had remained in his home for so long.

Nicolás intended to spend the rest of his life at home after the death of his wife. His advanced age prevented him from climbing the stairs or walking without assistance. As a consequence, he chose to reside on his house’s first floor, but José wasn’t bothered with his father’s comfort. He had taken over the first floor, compelling his dad to reside on the second.

The elderly guy labored up the steps, but his son seemed unconcerned. Furthermore, José sought to force out his old father and his sister, Rosario, since he claimed the land belonged entirely to him after his mother died.

Rosario, Nicholas’ daughter, revealed why Jose thought he was entirely entitled to the home. He’s the eldest son, and since the house is in their mother’s name, he wants to keep everything, she said.

Rosario saw how her brother’s behavior altered when her mother died. His avarice prevented him from seeing beyond the materialistic aspect of things. He was unconcerned with his father’s sentiments.

Jose claimed he was the only heir to his mother’s home and that his dad had no title to the property since he wasn’t married. As a result, immediately after his mother died, José started hounding his dad to leave the house.

José was willing to go to any length to get his father and sister out of the house, even if it meant injuring them. Rosario confessed that her brother had threatened her and her father with death. She went on to say that he has caused numerous scandals on the street and constantly threatens her with death.

José even tossed stones at his sister and father with the aim of forcing them out of the home. Even the neighbors observed him hurl stones at the house’s second-story window.

José’s actions after his mother’s death became popular on TikTok. Netizens were outraged to find that the guy had made the life of his dad horrible in order to get possession of the mansion.

ATV Noticias, a local news station, saw Nicolás sitting outside his home with his daughter. When they interviewed the elder guy, they discovered that his son had booted them out. He stated that he wanted to live the rest of his life in peace.

Nicolás never expected his own kid to transform his life into a nightmare. He was compelled to live in discomfort after spending his whole life in serenity. He merely wished to avoid his child at that time.

It’s heartbreaking to observe how money drags family members apart. We hope Nicolás finds peace in his last years and that no other parent has to go through what he did.

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