‘Mummy, don’t’: Woman kills her only daughter, 12, after boyfriend says, ‘It’s the child or me’

A mother killed her only kid when her lover told her, ‘It’s her or me.’ Penny Boudreau killed her 12-year-old girl Karissa when Vernon MacCumber threatened to halt their affair since he didn’t like her. According to a Canadian court, Boudreau drove her child to a desolate forested location, knocked her to the ground, and choked her. 

According to prosecutor Paul Scovi, the cruel mom overlooked her scared daughter’s pleadings of ‘Mummy, don’t!’ as she held her down and put a rope over her neck. She then headed to a close by river, partially removing her daughter’s trousers to make it appear as though she had been the target of a sex assault, before rolling her into the water. Boudreau subsequently asserted her girl had gone missing following an altercation, and she made television pleas for her recovery. Karissa’s body was discovered on the river’s banks two weeks later.

Undercover policemen masquerading as gangsters offered to erase whatever proof police had against Boudreau, and she was apprehended. In June of last year, she was charged with murder.

Boudreau sobbed in court in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, as she confessed to kill and said, ‘I’m sorry.’ Boudreau pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison without the possibility of release. As investigators recounted Karissa’s dying hours, relatives sobbed openly in the court.

According to the court, the single mother moved in with her sweetheart Vernon MacCumber. MacCumber did not get along with Karissa, a 12-year-old girl, and made a final proposal that she leave or he would quit the relationship. Bourdeau made the decision to endanger her child’s life. When she returned home, she discarded a portion of Karissa’s clothes to make it appear as though she had fled. She also contacted her boyfriend to inform him that her daughter was missing. It’s unclear if MacCumber was aware of what she’d done. They went to Karissa’s burial service together.

After Karissa’s corpse was discovered in February 2008, police had long suspected Boudreau yet had no proof to indict her. The gory details of the murder were finally revealed to undercover detectives following a sting operation in which cops posed as organised crime leaders who convinced Boudreau that they could erase whatever proof the police had against her. Boudreau bit the bait and started chatting. In June, she was accused of murder.

Looking directly at Boudreau, the judge, Justice Margaret Stewart, warned her ‘You can never call yourself mother.’ ‘The words “Mummy, don’t” will follow you for the rest of your life.’

May the little girl’s soul rest in peace.

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