Teen Demanding Visitation Rights for Newborn Thrown in Dumpster: ‘If the Baby Is OK, I Want It’

The horrific story of a New Mexico teen who purportedly abandoned her child in a dumpster in January broke people’s hearts all over the world. The mother is now requesting that she be permitted to visit her child. 

Footage of someone tossing a bag into the garbage and of good Samaritans finding the infant boy spread online, and ultimately the mother, 18-year-old Alexis Avila, was recognized. During a police interview, the adolescent asserted she had no idea she was pregnant and was frightened of her mom finding out.

The woman informed police that she went to the toilet and it came out. She  was in a frenzy and had no idea what to do.   She  was terrified that her mother would despise her. Before getting into her car, she said she covered the infant in a towel. She claimed she then drove about with the kid in a garbage bag she had in her car. She added that she tossed it and threw it in the trash.

Oscar Astorga, 50, stated his 16-year-old son Stephen is the dad and that he had no clue his ex-girlfriend Avila was pregnant since he thought she had miscarried. In January, Astorga informed that he was battling for custody of the child. He explained they are definitely attempting to gain custody. He’s his grandchild. They are attempting to locate his grandson.

The infant has been living with Stephen and his loved ones. Inspite  Avila’s allegations against her, Avila is presently making an attempt to be present in her child’s life.

During a preliminary hearing in February, a judge ruled that the proof was adequate to proceed with a child abuse trial. Prosecutors contended that Avila’s acts were deliberate. A prosecutor said that this was not somebody going to the hospital, driving to a clinic, driving to a friend’s house, heading to someone seeking help. She was aware of what she was doing at the time. Another prosecutor stated, “In my 27 years of doing this, I have never seen anyone, kid or adult, have a temperature that was not read with a digital thermometer,” alluding to the way that the newborn was so hypothermic when he was discovered that his temperature was not recorded.

Avila’s defence counsel argue that since the infant did not die, the teenager should not face felony child abuse with serious bodily damage charges. Not only that, however they are presently requesting that she be allowed to have supervised visitation with the infant. Avila began asking for the return of her kid as soon as she was detained, stating that if the child is OK, she wants it. The defence also stated that Avila is taking counselling and parenting classes and intends to attend college to study psychology — however will that be enough to persuade anybody that she should be involved in her child’s life?

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