‘My daughter’s always late to school because she’s too stubborn to get up’

Punctuality refers to a person’s practice of finishing duties on time. We may state that punctuality is an excellent habit that will undoubtedly lead to success. However, teaching children the value of timeliness is tough but not impossible. Getting up early and arriving on time for school is essential. However, the mother in the narrative is fed up with her daughter’s tardiness and wants to know what she should do to get her on time for school. Read the narrative and assist her.

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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has managed to tackle getting their older kids to respect time management and understand the importance of being somewhere for a certain time.

My 10 y/o is supposed to be in school for 8.30 but doesn’t go down as late if she is there before 8.50. I also have a younger child who needs to be there before 8.50. 10 y/o just takes her own time getting ready and doesn’t seem to care whether she is late or not. We have only managed to get there for 8.30 once so far this year!

I have tried getting her up earlier but I don’t think the amount of time is the issue, it’s how she spends it. She gets up at 7.30, has her breakfast and goes up to get ready at 7.55… we should set off at 8.25 but she is rarely ready. When I shout up to hurry her along she just shouts “be patient!” And she said she doesn’t care if she’s late… And gets very angry.

My tools are limited. She’s already got a ban from her tablet for being rude. She doesn’t own a phone, there isn’t much punishment I can inflict for being late and she genuinely doesn’t seem to care about schools reaction to her being late (I kind of feel like at primary it will look worse for me as the parent than the child as I am ultimately responsible for getting her there!!)

Anyway if anyone has any tips on how to motivate time management to a stubborn, angry pre teen who is testing her please let me know 😁

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