Girl loses it with mom after catching her kissing boyfriend’s dad.

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So me(f19) and my boyfriend (m20) have been dating for 4 years now, he was in 10th grade and I was in 9th when we got together. My parents and his always knew about our relationship. We actually lived near each other when we were younger and went to the same kindergarten.

Now, his father was a single father for a long time and my parents got divorced 3 years ago.

three weeks ago i got home (since the university is in the same city i still live with her) and i saw my mom and his dad kissing. It’s an understatement that I was shocked. like wtf are you doing.

I immediately called my boyfriend and he came over. we got into this huge fight with them, they started talking about marriage….the same day i requested to get a room in a dorm. and since then i haven’t talked to her until family dinner.

While everyone was eating my aunt asked why my mom and I weren’t talking, so I told them everything. “Well maybe if she wasn’t fu***ng my boyfriend’s father, who is apparently going to be my brother’s father soon I would talk to her” and maybe I was harsh on her but I was really hurt.

My mom got all red and embarrassed and started shouting about how our love is just young and why she should ruin her love life because we kids think it’s going to last…

I started crying and shouting at my mom and left.

my grandmother called saying how cruel i am. literally somehow everyone is siding with my mom except my cousin. Am I Wrong ? Was i too cruel.

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