Man Asks Alleged Baby Mother For Maternity Test After Finding Out He Might Be a Father.

It’s difficult to persuade individuals to alter their beliefs in general, yet we’re talking about perfectly sensible individuals who employ reasoning every day. But when you’re dealing with an individual who rarely employs reasoning in any part of their lives, changing their opinion is the most difficult thing in the world, even if it’s common information or supported by science like in this story of a man who wants to do a maternity test to prove that the baby is hers. Scroll down to read the whole story and share your thoughts on this situation.

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My friend Dan recently found out he might be a father. I say it might because the girl he’s been having an off/on relationship with, Kara, is pregnant, and he’s not sure if he’s the dad. She offered to get a paternity test once the baby is born and doesn’t expect any kind of support until they find out if the baby is his. He’s on board with that and appreciates that she’s not pushing him into fatherhood if the baby isn’t his. The issue is that when he was talking to me about it, he also said he wants to get a “maternity” test done to make sure the baby is hers.

Kara is visibly pregnant. We know she’s pregnant because she did a maternity photoshoot and posted it on social media, so it’s obvious she’s not faking being pregnant. We’ve both seen her in person, too and she’s most definitely pregnant. However, Dan believes that the baby might not be hers. I tried to explain to him that that’s not how biology works and unless she got an embryo implanted in her then she’s definitely the mother. She’s a waitress and works for minimum wage + tips so I doubt she has the money to afford an embryo implantation. Plus it’s ridiculous to think that she’d do all that just to baby trap a guy who is unemployed and living with his parents at 32. Plus he’s never donated sperm. He’s genuinely convinced that the baby might not biologically be hers despite not only me, his mom, and our other friends explaining that that’s not how babies/pregnancy works.

He’s still insisting on a “maternity” test and told me that I was being ridiculous and that I’m the one who doesn’t understand biology despite me studying to be an autopsy pathologist which has required quite literally years of biology classes. I got fed up and called him a senseless idiot and told him to call me when he got his head screwed back on straight. Ever since then he’s been spamming my phone and has gotten a couple of our friends to spam me as well, telling me I’m being insensitive and he’s just stressed about possibly being a dad. So, Am I Wrong for calling my friend an idiot?

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