Parents Plan Funeral for Baby Girl Who ‘Died 3 Times’ – She Returns Home Two and a Half Years Later.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone on the planet. It brought a new sickness that took lives and prompted the closing of schools and businesses; the world came to a halt.

2020 will remain to be the year when the Dunn family’s life is altered. Their three-year-old girl developed a fever and respiratory difficulties, and the doctor diagnosed tonsillitis.

She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia a few months later. They faced cancer together, and despite losing their daughter three times, Isla-Mae will survive to enjoy her sixth Christmas!

During the Covid epidemic, Reece and Laura Bagthorpe noticed that their child, Isla-Mae, was exhibiting unusual symptoms. They sought medical attention and even administered antibiotics to her.

The pair initially thought she had a cold, but it was later revealed that the physicians had misdiagnosed her and that she was suffering from cancer.

Isla-Mae appeared normal before being admitted to the hospital. When they got in the car, Isla was still playing and laughing, so they didn’t expect anything serious, Reece said.

Even when he dropped her and Laura off at King’s Mill Hospital, Isla smiled and said, ‘see you later, daddy,’ he continued.

It was difficult to believe that their kid, who was full of life, pleasant, and extremely active, could have anything other than a cold or tonsillitis, thus the findings were incredible.

Isla-Mae spent some time in the hospital, undergoing various treatments and tests to maintain her health and evaluate her cancer.

The physicians scheduled surgery to remove the tumor, but the youngster died three times. After the surgery’s success, she underwent chemotherapy, which was a worrying time for the couple as their previously vivacious young child started to lose her hair.

Despite being released to her parents for Christmas, Isla-Mae returned to the hospital a few weeks later.

Laura’s mini-me had blood clots and was infected with Covid-19 twice. This was the point at which the pair battled to maintain their optimism.

Isla-Mae remained particularly susceptible to infection even after therapy. She fought a suspected fungal illness over the Christmas holiday in 2021.

Isla-Mae started her final round of chemotherapy earlier this year. The tests were repeated indefinitely, and on September 2, after six tests confirmed that she was infection-free, she was given the all-clear and proclaimed cancer-free.

Isla was required to read a plaque and ring a bell. There was applause, but some of the nurses were unaware, so it would have been lovely if everybody who had treated Isla could have attended, Laura cheerfully recounted.

Today Isla-Mae had her last Chemotherapy, 5th May 2020 til 2nd September 2022!! She still has a few tests and…

Posted by Reece Dunn on Friday, 2 September 2022

Throughout the trip, the pair has demonstrated unshakable love for their daughter, regardless of the cost. Laura became a mother for the second time in 2020, with the birth of her youngest child. Sadly, this happened to coincide with Isla-Mae’s therapy. 

It was a “bittersweet” time for the family. Despite their joy with the arrival of a new kid, they opted not to celebrate the occasion owing to their sick daughter’s health.

Again, long before Isla-Mae was confirmed cancer-free, the family gave up their beloved pub in Nottinghamshire to focus on providing the finest care for their baby.

Reece worked as the general manager of the famed Shepherd’s Rest tavern, but the family chose to live elsewhere after renting a new property. While recovering, they aim to focus on their daughter, who, although being cancer-free, will be subjected to a battery of testing.

Isla-father Mae set up a GoFundMe site to raise $1,127.62 (£1,000) for her medical bills. Fortunately, there have been over 300 donations, and the total amount donated so far is around $7,614.30 (£6,750).

The entire time, the family was pleased with their daughter’s courage and optimism. Laura elaborated, they had a tea party with cake for her. They are quite proud of her. Her experience has been awful.

Although her child is now free and will continue to attend the hospital for examinations, Laura’s memories of the last three years are still vivid. She stated that it’s taught her to value the simple things in life, and they simply want to give other families who are experiencing the same thing optimism that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Simply keep going.

Isla-Mae’s tale has really influenced many individuals all across the world.

Isla-Mae’s cancer tale demonstrates that an optimistic attitude can overcome the most lethal sickness. The now-5-year-old was encircled by individuals who never wavered in their support, even when it would have been simple to do so.

Fortunately, the Dunns were spared her burial; rather, they were rewarded with the news that made their year, as they intend to celebrate Christmas for the first time in almost two years.

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