My ex’s new wife says I should babysit her kids because I owe her

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My ex ‘Thomas and I have been split for around four years, we have two kids together, twins a boy and girl aged 12, he remarried Sandy about 18 months ago she has two children between 7-10 years old.

Our current custody agreement is I have the kids two weeks on one week off (when they go to Thomas’s) . It’s a private agreement we have as it works best with his job as he travels so he makes sure for that week he is home.

Recently I got a text from Sandy asking if I could come pick the kids up, she had plans and my ex had been held up at work. Wasn’t a problem. I was on my way home from work so I could swing by and get them. I rang my ex to confirm that’s what he wanted and also said it’s around 5.30 I’ll keep them for the night, he said that was great and would let Sandy know.

When I got to their place my kids opened the door and were packed and ready to go, the kids called out that I was there and they were leaving and she yelled out a goodbye. As I was pulling out of the driveway Sandy came running out waving her arms, I stopped and asked what the problem was she asked why I didn’t take her kids. I said that wasn’t what I agreed to and I would never agree to that, she replied with why not I’m always babysitting your kids, I said that’s something between you and Thomas, but my kids are my responsibility and I’m sorry but I don’t know your children well enough to take them back to my house and to have them stay. I left and within two minutes Thomas was on the phone begging me to go back and get Sandy’s kids because she always watches ours, i said the same thing to him and hung up. When I got the kids home, while they were having dinner I asked how often Sandy watched them, my son said they normally don’t see their dad till the weekend, sometimes they see him in the morning but it’s normally Sandy who is with them during the week.

I left the kids to watch TV and rang Thomas back, he started cussing me out about Sandy kids. I let him finish and asked why he thought it would be appropriate for a woman that those kids hardly know to look after them at my house. He said again Sandy watch’s our kids so fair and I’ve also upset her kids as they were looking forward to the sleep over.

I rang my sister to vent she flipped it on me and said I was taking my issues with Sandy and Thomas out on Sandy’s kids… I don’t have any issue with either of them but I’m starting to feel like I was the AH but I made no promises to her kids. What are your opinions? 

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