‘My neighbour threatened to kill me if I painted my house rainbow colours’

A guy has spoken out about the terrifying DEATH THREATS he got after opting to paint his house rainbow colors – and the great community support he received as a result.
Mykey O’Halloran, a hairdresser from Melbourne, Australia, acquired his ideal oceanfront property last year, but was disappointed when he didn’t receive a warm greeting from a neighbor.

Mykey routinely releases hairdo videos with his 600k TikTok and 153k Instagram followers.

He specializes in rainbow-colored patterns as well as hairstyles that mimic tacos, cheeseburgers, and fries, so he had to give his beige three-bedroom home a similar technicolor makeover.But this is when the problems began, when he discovered that a number of his neighbors were not pleased with his ideas.

Mykey explained that about a month after he moved home, five males showed up in his back garden at 10 o’clock at night. They were upset when they found that he was intending to paint his house in rainbow colors. They threatened to murder him and attempted to assault himHe said, that they were quite hostile, violent, and homophobic. They called me a ‘gay c***.’

His neighbor said that if Mykey f***ing paint that home rainbow, he will return and murder him.

Following the heinous threats, Mykey phoned the cops, and the man was accused of illegal attack and threatening to kill.

He pled guilty to the lesser charge of unlawful violence in July 2021 and was fined $2,500 Australian dollars (£1,418).

However, after publishing details of the event on social media, Mykey was stunned by the ‘amazing’ community response.He wrote last night, he sobbed himself to sleep after feeling so invaded, homophobically insulted, and threatened in his own house.
He went on to say that he would not be bullied out of his new home and that he would continue with his idea to paint the house with rainbow stripes. Many individuals agreed and offered to assist him paint it, while Dulux provided 40 gallons of paint.”The island has a thousand others that welcome you for every ratbag like him,” one neighbor remarked. “You paint your house whichever colors you choose! “I’m very sorry this happened to you!” said a woman from the United States.

Over a hundred individuals gathered to paint the façade in blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and pink stripes. Another generous volunteer set up eight cameras in case he encountered more threats.

Mykey said of the encounter that he knows in his heart that he is a decent person, and he deserves inclusion and respect for how he wants to live his life. His advice is to never allow someone to dull your glitter and to always be loyal to yourself.

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