Woman leaves her husband of 14 years for a stranger she felt would be her ‘soulmate.’ This is gold.

A mother-of-two went popular on social media after penning a book about leaving her spouse of 14 years to follow a stranger she felt would be her ‘soulmate.’

Amanda Trenfield, from Sydney, revealed that she spent 20 years constructing a ‘somewhat regular existence’ with a profession in finance while caring for two small kids and her spouse.In a passage from her new book, Amanda stated that she was hoped to reconcile with her husband during a three-day conference in Margaret River but was pulled to another guy, Jason, at the event owing to the ‘strong and crude’ energy between them.

She added that it got to her core. She needed to break eye contact because it was so strong. The vitality it was electrifying. Her entire body was charged. She was really “on.”
Amanda left her spouse a month later, certain he was her soulmate despite no physical contact, even though she’d had no communication with Jason, who eventually dismissed her.

Amanda’s choices triggered a widespread Twitter conversation among commentators who were astonished by the manner she ‘destroyed’ her life, with one writing: ‘Never in my life have I experienced somebody romanticising a one night relationship that *didn’t occur*.’

Amanda described Jason as having a ‘instant familiarity,’ and she loved bantering with him when he invited her to take a drink of his wine during a group meal.

She stated that while he used the chance to feed her dessert across the table, all of her senses were on ‘high alert,’ and her intuition made her believe that their interchange was more than simply desire.

As the gathering returned to the hotel where they were staying, the mother-of-two stated that she had a glass of rosé with Jason at the bar and felt ‘strong and raw’ power between them when they clinked glasses.Amanda claims that she had to fight herself to keep away from Jason as the event progressed, but she discovered a stronger bond every time they locked eyes.

Amanda added that She really like conversing with him. In his company, she felt warm, comfortable, and secure. She felt like she could be herself on a level she wasn’t used to. She realized it was a sensation she hadn’t had in a long, long time – probably ever.The mother-of-two said her reaction to Jason was ‘uncharacteristic,’ and she told him she wanted to see him again.

She acknowledges that the days after her encounter with Jason were a haze since discovering her “soulmate” had rendered everything else in her life irrelevant.
‘I’d just found my soulmate,’ Amanda added. ‘What could be more essential than that?’
Amanda stated that she opted to leave her marriage less than a month later, despite having had no interaction with Jason.

However, as the title of her book When A Soulmate Says No implies, Jason refused her, leaving her single.

One said, ‘she was certain they had a relationship, but I see no indication they did. She simply projected herself onto a random guy because she was sad. We’ve all been there, but we don’t move our lives to do it.’
‘Yeah, the ‘I left my spouse kids of 14 years to live my life with you after meeting you once since you’re my soulmate’ could have come on a little hard, no wonder he replied erm, no,’ a third said.

‘I want to read the POV of the ‘two little children’ when they grow up,’ one user said of Amanda’s children after reading her novel.

‘Particularly when mother is transforming herself into a’self-actualized celebrity’ with energy therapy and countless Diana Ross tunes.’
‘Therapist: so why are you here today,’ said another. ‘Kid: *THROWS THIS BOOK ON THE TABLE*’

Others, on the other hand, backed Amanda’s decision to divorce.
‘I don’t find this particularly humiliating. ‘She obviously despised her life, and the emotional high of an infatuation was all she needed to put a stop to it,’ one person commented.

‘This looks regular and fine, maybe I’m missing something,’ remarked another. I understand that falling into limerence and being rejected is embarrassing, but is it worse than being in a miserable marriage?’

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