“My Sister Is “Engaged” To My Ex. My Father Encouraged The Relationship To Spite Me And My Mother.”

It’s never easy to end a marriage. Divorce is not easy and an awful experience. However, divorce does affect kids if not done peacefully. In this story a father uses his young child against his wife and their elder child. Read the story below and let us know what you think about it.

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Hi everyone this is a little complicated. I’m 24f. My parents (44f and 51m) divorced when I was 14. My dad was having an affair, I caught him with the other woman and told my mom about it. He’s hated my mom and me ever since. My sister (18 now) was seven at the time of the divorce and he started using her as a pawn.

He’d tell her lies about me and my mom so she wouldn’t want to live with my mom (he told my sister me and my mom were going to throw away all of her toys, he got her a dog and told her if she stayed over my mom’s house nobody would feed the dog and it would starve) so because of this my sister has wanted to live with my dad since they divorced, and her relationship with me and my mom is pretty strained.

When I was 16 I started dating a guy who was 24. I was with him for three years, I finally left him after he put me in the emergency room for the third time. I just left with my car and the clothes I had on in the ER, I left everything else and drove back to my moms house.

Now my sister announced on social media she’s engaged to him. My mom called my sister furious. She said she’s been dating him for over a year now and my father knew about the relationship and encouraged it. She told my mom she was 18 now, (she just turned 18 two weeks ago) it was too late and she couldn’t do anything about it.

My mother talked to my father who basically said for me and my mom to eff off, that he doesn’t blame Alexander for putting me in the hospital and “hopes he does it again if I don’t shut up”. My dad admitted to purposely not telling my mom about my sister dating him, to keeping in contact with him and letting him stay over the house with my sister alone for years, he’s allowing all of this just to spite me and my mom.

Is there any talking sense into either of them?

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