Did I Do The Right Thing By Siding With My Boyfriend After He Punished My Son For Asking Money To Watch His Step Siblings?

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I f36 have been with my boyfriend m41 for 2 years. He has 3 kids (6,12,4) while I have a 16 year old son. The other day my 12 yo step son fell off the stairs and injured his ankle, his dad and I had to get him to the hospital and needed someone to stay with the kids while we were there. My boyfriend told my son to skip workday and stay with and watch his step brothers.

When we returned, My son asked my boyfriend to pay him for “babysitting” “his kids” I admit my son doesn’t have the best relationship with his stepdad or step siblings but My boyfriend and I were shocked by this. My son explained that he had to skip a workday which cost him to lose money and asked my boyfriend to pay him for his time.

My boyfriend scolded him harshly and told him that staying home with his stepbrothers isn’t babysitting and he deserves no money for it. Plus skipping one day of work won’t do much harm. But my son disagreed and kept arguing with my boyfriend saying his step brothers aren’t his responsibility.

My boyfriend ended up punishing him and taking away all his electronics as well as cancelling his birthday months away. My son fought back talking about how unfair this was and asked me to get involved. I sided with my boyfriend because I really did not appreciate how my son used this family emergency to his advantage and thought he’d get money out of helping the family out.

My son didn’t like where I stood in this conflict and accused me of favoring my stepkids to stay on my boyfriend’s good side while ignoring the mistreatment towards him. I cut the argument and he’s become silent ever since. Even refused to eat with us or sit with us.

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