Elderly Missouri Couple Married For 77 Years Were Buried Together Holding Hands In One Casket.

When you love a person truly all you wish and want is the person’s happiness and good health.  True love is selfless. All love tales are unique in their own special way.

Raymond and Velva Breuer’s extraordinary love tale has captivated the entire country.

Raymond and Velva were married for the most of their life. They were born and raised in the same town, attended the same elementary school, and graduated from the same high school.

Raymond didn’t make the best first impression when he tapped Velva with a hot poker he didn’t realise was hot, leaving her scarred.  Raymond stated at a party for his 77th wedding anniversary, “She married me to get even with me.”

Despite this rocky start, the pair married in 1940 in Phelps County, Missouri, where they grew up together.

They have six children, 18 grandkids, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren as a result of their union. They’ve lost count, the family jokes.

The love they shared for one other and their family captivated everyone who knew them.

Pastor Cheri Reisch expressed when the couple sat in the front row of the church they always held hands. They were always by one other’s sides. It’s like true love.

Raymond and Velva were lucky in that they both stayed athletic and healthy, and their love of reading kept their minds engaged as well.

Raymond accompanied Velva to Lenoir Woods Rehab Center so they wouldn’t be separated.

Booby Breuer, his son, said that his dad joked with one of the nurses before he passed away that if they died close together, they should just be buried in the same casket. But it was heard by others, and they inquired of the funeral director.

Raymond died on August 4 with Velma’s hand in his. Velma was reunited with her sweetheart in paradise just 30 hours later. Raymond was 97 years old, while Velma was 96 years old.

When the family began preparing the burial, they remembered their father’s suggestion that they be buried together. Despite the fact that he stated it in jest, the family realized it would be the ideal method for them to be together indefinitely. The adorable pair was buried hand-in-hand in a single coffin. 

Despite their grief at the loss of their beloved parents, the family understood they were honouring their wishes.

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