Desperate, Young Mom Rings Fire Station Doorbell 15 Hours After Giving Birth: ‘I Need To Give You My Baby.’

We’ll never know why some mothers are unable to retain their children, but the wellbeing of the child who is given up is essential.

Safe Surrender Laws exist in the United States, allowing parents of infants who are unable to care for their children to give their kid up to a safe location with no questions asked.

These regulations were enacted to assist prevent infants from being abandoned in life-threatening situations.

Capt. Daryll Milliot of Station 75 fire department in Santa Ana, California, was on duty one day when a mother clutching her 15-hour-old infant rang the doorstep. Capt. Milliot recalled the first words out of her mouth as he answered the door that he needed to keep her kid.

The first child to be handed to the fire station was Baby Naomi, who was comforted by those on duty, including Michael de Leon, Tyler Green, and Shawn Stacy, until a social worker came.

The firefighters fell in love with Naomi, and consider themselves to be her “unofficial uncles.”

Thankfully, Naomi didn’t have to wait long to find a new home with Krysten and Kurt Snyder, who claimed they didn’t hesitate to act when they received the call about Naomi. “It’s so crazy — one moment we say, ‘Yes, we are taking a baby,’ and the next moment you are packing the car up, making the list for Target of all the things you need to get,” Krysten expressed.

Naomi has never forgotten her “unofficial uncles,” despite her new loving family and her 1-year-old brother, whom the Snyders were in the process of adopting when they got the word about Naomi.

Naomi’s adoption ceremony was even attended by the adoring firefighters. Fireman Michael de Leon mentioned that going to the ceremony and seeing her again is one of the joys of his career by far since you never know what’s going to happen to the baby when it happens. Krysten, Naomi’s mother, stated that they will always be transparent about Naomi’s birth story.

“This is a wonderful time for us to tell her about her mother and what a brave thing she accomplished,” she added. Naomi’s mother was brave, and Naomi now has a loving home and four brave and heroic uncles as a result of her sacrifice.

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