Teen Who’s Been Homeless For 12 Years Graduates As Valedictorian “Because I Have Everything To Lose.”

Determination is a key component of success. It is about rising from our abyss, no matter how many times we fall. While it may be tempting to give up when things get rough, learning to persevere and finish strong is far more satisfying. Keep in mind that anything great takes time and necessitates a significant amount of effort, devotion, and sacrifice. Here is a great story of courage, determination, hard work, being positive, never giving up and having faith in oneself. 

High school is certainly not a blissful spot for everybody, the pressure of work in the midst of the strain of attempting to fit in can make the experience one that numerous studies are delighted to put behind them. After students have successfully traversed this high-pressure course, they can look forward to graduation.

However, until he gave a special speech at their graduation ceremony as part of his award for becoming valedictorian, one group of teenagers had no idea of the challenges that one of their classmates had encountered.

The student that accomplishes valedictorian has figured out how to keep a GPA score of 3.9-4.0 which interprets as somewhere around 95% for all tasks.

This is no small achievement for most kids, and it necessitates a degree of concentration deserving of such recognition, but Griffin Furlong accomplished it while living on the streets.

The diligent student has spent the last 12 years of his life sleeping on people’s couches and in shelters. Griffin wasn’t sufficiently fortunate to experience childhood in a steady family – he lost his mother to cancer and his father battled monetarily. For over 10 years, he was homeless alongside his dad and older sibling, and he needed to traverse high school without having his own room. He didn’t have a spot to rest, a spot to spruce up, and he didn’t have a spot to study.

With all the chances against him he not only graduated but he graduated first in his class. One of his educators said that Griffin was the one kid that never missed a task. Before 500 kids, the majority of whom had no clue about Griffin’s battles, he let everybody know that “surrendering isn’t a choice.”

He explained that he couldn’t in fact count the quantity of restless evenings he burned through alone on a chilly plastic sleeping mattress. He cried, inside trusting that his life would before long wash away so he would not need to bear the difficulties of an apparently shrewd world. He never surrendered, regardless of how awful he needed to. To everybody staying here before him he said don’t carry on with an existence without reason. You know deep down that you have something to show. So whether or not you understand it, never rationalize, particularly when you have a caring family ready to provide you with everything you need and want.

During his senior year of high school, the Florida student was given a place to dwell in by his girlfriend’s family, and he hopes to pursue an engineering degree at Florida State University. 

In his words,”“I just want to show that anyone can do it, no matter what you’ve been through. I never want to live that life again. I do everything I do because I don’t want to live like that.”

He and his sweetheart intend to establish a scholarship to assist youngsters in similar situations.

He remarked that just never surrender. Never allow anybody to let you know that you can’t accomplish something, since he has been informed that for his entire life. People would let him know he wasn’t adequately brilliant, and presently he’s at the top of his class.

It’s unimaginable how much pressure this is for a teenager who already has to deal with school, friends, sports, and peer pressures, but to get through it all and still keep top grades at school is incredible.

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