Nanny is arrested after video shows boy, two, sobbing for his father.

A couple in North Carolina ended up watching their nanny cam at the terrifying moment their approved babysitter grabbed their toddler’s arms behind his back, force-feeding him while he wailed and yelled for his father.

Declan Oglesby’s father, Max Oglesby, and mother, Laura Oglesby, were taken aback when they saw Lauren Rowe pushing food into the toddler’s mouth while caring for him at their New Bern home on Tuesday night.

Declan yells for rescue and kicks frantically in the video as Rowe holds his wrists behind his high chair, spoons portions of chicken pot pie into his mouth and then closes the toddler’s lips. He cries ‘No!’ and ‘Daddy!’ repeatedly.

They posted the video on Facebook and alerted officers, who arrested Rowe and accused her with misdemeanor child abuse.

Laura Oglesby, the boy’s mother, posted on Facebook following Rowe’s arrest, they are all emotionally tired by this whole event.

Their major objective presently is to make sure this clings to her like glue so she never does anything like this to another child, dog, or human in general again.

Max Oglesby stated that the video he shared on social media was only a short sample of the two hours [Rowe] spent doing this to their baby.

Max expressed he wasn’t there. It aches.

Oglesby stated that they had taken the “difficult” choice to employ a nanny for a couple of days each week while renovating their bar in neighboring Washington, North Carolina, about one hour away. When they stopped painting the floors to examine their nanny cam video, they couldn’t take their eyes off the live feed and began filming.

They dashed to their car and summoned the boy’s grandma, who lives nearby, to go to the house while they voyaged.

The boy’s mother, Laura Oglesby, said that she  felt like pinning the nanny down, and wanted to feed her.

According to the parents, Rowe tells somebody on the phone in the video, ‘If they didn’t manage their two-year-old, he would walk all over them.’

Laura emailed the nanny the tape she had shot of the abuse after the occurrence, along with a text message that never received a response. 

She wrote: ‘You are no longer required to be a nanny for us, and my recommendation is that you refrain from nannying at all until you learn how to calmly manage kids. The way you treated Declan in the high chair tonight while trying to force feed him is textbook child abuse… Tonight, you crushed a mother’s heart.’

In the video, the nanny repeatedly encourages the crying boy to ‘eat his food,’ telling him that he can only come out of his high chair if he’s ‘taken a bite.’

”We’re learning today,” she says to the youngster in the video. ‘You need to learn to consume your meal, and then we’ll be finished.’

Max stated that his son’s arms were injured as a result of the interaction.

Max stated that one does not think it will happen to them. Rowe was recommended to his wife by a New Bern parents’ Facebook community. She’s got a cheque from He felt like they made the proper measures.

The Facebook post has received over 2,300 comments and 5,300 shares.

Rowe was freed after posting a $2,500 secured bail. Her bond was set within 30 minutes after she was arrested.

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