Wife Informs His Deployed Husband When Her Best Friend Kissed Her.

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My husband is deployed and he’s coming home soon. One of my best friends is a guy. He supported and helped me out a lot. It was NEVER ROMANTIC and I made that CLEAR to him. First of all he’s married, I love his wife, his kids, and I really do look at him like a big brother and nothing else. I’ve even TOLD him how much it means to me that he filled that role for me after my own messed up relationship with my brother.

But then this morning before I leave he grabs my shoulder and kisses me. Full on the mouth, literally with his wife and kids sleeping upstairs. I shoved him off and just left. I don’t understand why he would be so dumb.

OP has posted a few updates —-

edit I already texted his wife right after I left. She hasn’t seen it yet, I’m guessing she’s still sleeping.

edit 2 I was over their house because they had a party for their son last night. By the time his wife and I had finished cleaning up the kitchen it was midnight so I slept in their guest bedroom.

edit 3 My husband is still working, but it’s almost 5 o’clock PM where he is so he should be done and calling me soon.

His wife called me, I told her exactly what happened. She asked for a few clarifying details, and then thanked me for telling her and told me she was going to call me back in a few minutes

edit 4 I just got off the phone with my husband, he understandably flipped out, he’s insanely angry but glad that I told him right away, he said he’s going to get dinner and make some phone calls, I’m sure I’ll hear back from him soon.

edit 5 I just got off the phone with his wife. She said that unfortunately she had a suspicion he was developing feelings for someone else, but she had thought it was someone he worked with. She said that he admitted what he did to her, he told the truth that it was him who initiated it and that I had pushed him off. As of right now, he’s still been trying to call me, as well as texting me apologizing and asking me to talk. What should I do? Can I even do anything?

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