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Neighbor’s labrador attacks 5-yr-old – then the family pit bull does the forbidden.

Remayah Hernandez, five, was out riding her bike with her sister when she stumbled upon Tank, the neighbor’s labrador.

The small girl, being the dog lover that she is, did not hesitate to attempt to grab its attention. All she wanted to do was pet it. Unfortunately, the day ended in blood and sorrow.

The dog immediately attacked the girl, biting her in the face.

Remayah, evidently afraid, began screaming for assistance. Her cries elicited a response not just from her mom, but also from their family dog, Trigger the pit bull. He was in the family’s backyard when he seemed to resist all he had been taught since he was a puppy.

This required leaving the family’s backyard and leaping over the fence to attack another dog. When Trigger heard his 5-year-old owner’s cries for assistance, he went to her aid and fought Tank, who was hurt.

Most people get upset when they see a pit bull fight another dog, and given the breed’s reputation, the fight usually ends in tragedy.

Yet in this situation, Trigger made the correct decision.

PITBULL SPASIO ŽIVOT DJEVOJČICE KOJU JU NAPAO LABRADOR Prije sat vremena postavili smo Vam pitanje o dvije u naslovu…

Posted by American Stafford CRO on Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tank was taken up by animal control at the police station and finally had to be put down. The little girl was carried to the hospital by ambulance and treated for her wounds.

The family had saved money for a vacation to Disney World, but instead had to spend it to cover the expenses of reconstructive surgery that their little daughter required due to medical reasons after the assault by the neighbor’s dog.

That’s when an internet fundraising drive was launched, allowing individuals to donate money to the family. The objective was to ensure that Remayah could still visit Disney World, which she did! A total of $1,000 was finally donated to grant this young girl’s request.

The assault clearly terrified the small girl, yet she was most appreciative of what her hero had done for her. Trigger was really there for her in her hour of need and she now calls him ‘superhero’

Pit Bull Saves His Little Girl From Dog Attack……. A five-year-old Florida girl’s life was saved by her family’s pit…

Posted by Man's Best Friend, Heroic & Wonderful Dog Stories on Friday, 16 January 2015

The neighbor was at work on that particular day, and it is still unknown how the labrador managed to escape into the street and wander freely around the neighborhood. When informed of what had transpired, the neighbor was stunned and immediately assumed that there was a missing piece to the puzzle.

He honestly believed his dog was innocent, yet he was relieved to learn that the young girl next door was OK under the circumstances.

Everyone was relieved that Remayah recovered quickly after that heinous crime.

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